Last term test is coming soon..

No more than 2 weeks....test is coming again and this is the last term test which means the test cover all form 1 and form 2. Time is precious...i cannot wait til last minutes to study this time and my family has already to start to lock my computer til the end of the test. Well, i accepted this cz i wan to study also ler..T_T

I hope i can maintain my last time result or even more higher but all depends on me whether i wanna be serious to study or nt xD.

Ya, i found a new game again "Caesar City". Caesar City is a city building game and required much much time to complete even juz one mission cz its juz like a real city and required a lot of time to build a building and upgrade it. Others country will also come to trade some goods with you and u need to decide whether trade with them or nt. my comp got two games that is SA and Caesar City. Gonna play both of them juz after i finish my Last term Test.

Alrite, gonna go and hv my dinner ler.
A short post indeed but hope u enjoy it
And God bless.

What a day ^^

Yeappy..went to Parkson to enjoy this afternoon til 6pm. Woops, a new record again!! hahaha~
Well, today i borrowed Jing Yi too much time. Sorry yaaaa~i noe someone very sad cz i took him away^^

Its a nice afternoon indeed cz we watched Where got Ghost and the conclusion is..People is 吓到笑 but i am 吓到怕.. =.=''' next time i prefer some fighting movie ler xD

Whatever lar, we went to hv our lunch after the movie. Then we spent our time in CC all the time we left til 6pm like that and girls went shopping. Yeah, i played Left 4 dead and Transformer. Tat Benny dono how to play left 4 dead one..noe how to shoot everywhere and simply went around til cz so many zombies came and find us. -.-'' damn him..

Haha, time has finished. I'd better get prepare for the next week ler. Hv to go to school next week ler. Yeappy~ excited cz i can chat with my friends again!! xD

Okay, til here
sweet dreams
and God bless ya^^

Lame post..

Argh...dono why i cant upload pictures T__T tears me around lar!! haizzz!!!!!!
NOw i don hv anything to do. Juz staring at the monitor and waiting for the time to pass
Lame..i noe and i also dono wad am i waiting for. Maybe i am waiting for tired so that i could go and get some sleep til tmrw morning and be ready to myself for tmrw's afternoon xD

Oh yeah, i broke my record again in my Siehlung's record book. Tat is i studied my science for two hours long last nite in this holidays and i never thought tat two hours i hv already finished all my form 1 science. Sad to tell you, if u give me the question to do i sure get fail also cz i juz went through all of it.

Nahh, this is lame i noe because i am boring now..blame me cz juz now i went to get some sleep til now. I cannot sleep ler...haixxxx x.x
Time passed really fast..exam is coming soon ler. two weeks more after this week and PMR no more than 20 days ler. SPM no more than 3 months..haixxx, i hate exam sometimes cz i hv to spend all my time with more than 30 reference books and workbooks(burn them all lar!! T_T) and only come to face the exam two weeks nia. Hmm..quite fair enuf cz two weeks study two weeks exam LOL!!!

Don care me, i noe i hv been too lame liao.......-.-''
Nth to do
Nth to play
Boringness around me now

Fine lar, I'd better go and get some movie to watch ler.
Byebye, til here ya
Good luck,
sweet dreams
and God bless you a sweet nite^^

Tell me what should i do to clear out my boringness >-<

Remember i said i wanna tidy up my room four days ago? Well, due to some reasons(lazy, busy, and gaming) so i POSTPONED it til last night.

Its was quite messy and it took my half and hour to take all my things out. After that, it took me one hour to rearrange and tidy it. +.+ Haiz, who ask i so lazy before and i was trying to ask for my mother's help. Luckily she kind enough and came to help me, thanks mum and without her i think i have already spent 2 hours++ to my one small room only ler T_T

Big head...

Almost fainted when i saw all of these..

Wakaozz..i tot thief hv came to my room ler -.-''
Yeah, while listening to music i finally done my JOB in my room and my mother went to get a cold drink for me^^ at least this can cleared out some of my boring time and i realized that i should always be hardworking ONLY to my room so that my room wont be so dirty and messy. Or else my friends would say me when they come to my room ler T__T(aiyer..sieh lung so dirty one)

Thanks for mum's help it became so tidy liao^^

Woah~~~i can sleep very well ler.

So fun after i saw my room so clean and tidy xD
Now is 2.45pm thursday. Hv to go to school next week which is a YES YES for me because dono why i become like to go to school. Haha=)
Okay, tat's all
Goodbye and God bless
Hv a nice day

Nite is so beautiful =)

For those who are still working for PMR. Suggest you come and sit down and take a rest.
If morning, go outside to take a deep deep breath
If afternoon, lay on the bed and listen to music for few minutes
If nite, the most good one liao. Go outside, climb out to ur house's roof and watch the sky^^

Welll, i usually do like this cz my parents always tell me nt to be too stress out and take the exam as a game although i never make it LOL..

Haha, understand form 3 guys's feeling^^ working so hard juz for no more than five Day's exam like UPSR. Whatever, may god always bless you all and never forget to pray for god. I will pray for you guys oso xD

its 11.30pm now and i think i should go and sleep ler. But today the nite sky is really beautiful and full with stars, i like it.

Gonna update tmrw again
Goodnite, sweet dreams
and God bless

Leo orientation-a successful event xD

Leo orientation was great(for me) because i met a lot of friends there. I like James Teo's talk session very much because he knew a lot of things which suit our teenager(including Love xD).

Me and Jenny Ng xD were placed in the same group with others from different school. Then we had a lot of games outside the school and also inside the hall. Unfortunately it was raining when we were playing one of the games and majority my group members were all 99.99% wet because we walked very slowly inside the hall which was lame -.-''

Nah, all of these was juz great majority because of James Teo made all the activity became fun(he knew wad a teenager needs^^)

the arrival of guest of honour.

James Teo's talk made everyone so high. xD
Arrival of others Leo members and also Lion's.

Yeah xD

So yeah to tell you, i was sicked after the Leo orientation because i din go inside faster when it was raining. The games took me a lot of energy too so when i back to home, after a deep deep shower, i went to play game to use up all my energy then went to sleep :P til this morning. Dono why i cant hold up myself til late at nite yesterday to break my record T.T

Tat's all
Byebye and
God bless~

Today is a great day^^

Yeah, i din update for quite sometimes because there was nth to update bout it. Holidays again which is a NO NO for me because its so boring that everyday only stay at home and nth to do with. Loneliness lol. I envy of those who can go others place like Sibu, Kuching and so on..>=<. My parents scared of 2NE1(H1N1 but my parents call like that xD) so they are nt going to anywhere but to stay at home(they said home is the best best one -.-'')

Well, today is a great day because of the great great morning. I am planning to clean up my room( a very messy one because i don hv time to clean it which is a excuse for myself yeah~xD)

A messy one-.-'', i am gonna to take and upload the picture after i re-arrange all the books

A boring one
Juz because the Sun is great plus some wind and
my LOVELY morning.

niceeeeeeeeee xD

After that, i enjoyed my breakfast outside with my father. I ordered my favourite food Mee and a glass of Milo~ xD



After enjoyed my breakfast, we went to courts to buy a new fridge.
Father: We are going to buy a new fridge...
Me: Great but why?
Father: Cz seems that our fridge has come to its end. Its life has come to an end.
Me:......speechless...fine, whatever lar.
Father: Yeah......
So we came to here and choose a fridge.
We wan a LG one but need to ask for my mum(scared she bu shuan><)
Oh yeah, my father saw HTC P5500(PDA phone) and he said he interested with tat.
Father: Hey, come and hv a look with this. Is this nice?
Father: Come on, say somthing..
Me: You buy an iphone more better lar..
Father: O.o, u wan one?
Me: Hell yeah^^
Father: When sun rises from West and Akon gives you a signature then i will buy it for you. hoho
Me: ****......
So after that, we went back to home and here i am blogging xD

Took this picture while on the way back to home

Tat's all
God bless and be careful while driving lol


Staring at computer for almost a day..this is my new record (5 hours in front of the computer) WOOps..tat's why my eyes now like i am forcing it nt to close down -.-''

Btw, its been some time that i din update my blog ler. Seriously..i reli dono wad to write ler and nth funny things happened around this week. What a boring week i can say. Oh ya, except Wednesday cz tat day my house had a dearly guest stayed at my house for almost three hours. Wakakakaz......guess who is it. (it has no leg, a long long and colourful body plus a scaring eyes..woo~)

My lovely guest..

My aunt so HAPPY til she fainted-.-''

Waste my time xia cz i need to call my father's friend(which live very near with us come and give this guest some gift(i mean killed it) Lols... scary xia. I don wan to meet with such kind of guest either u noe?-.-''

Whatever lar, when it dead we put it into plastic bag and threw it to rubbish bin(woops) Muahahaha~

Gtg to sleep soon.


Goodnite and sweet dreams

Hv a nice sleep to everyone of you.

BSMM Mock Exercise-TSUNAMI

Today i was so unholy because i miss my church and went to join BSMM Mock Exercise. I went to HQ of BSMM at around 6am like that and there is so so so quiet cz many still haven come yet-.-''. Thanks to Othman because he was the second one arrived and at least i got one companion..Then we went inside HQ to wait for the bus and also others.

7am like the bus came and we went inside the bus......

And me and Mark kept saying that they were going to sell us to other's country first India then Thailand wad xD
Nt forgot to take photo
Photo Taking Time xD

Nice, but the air-conditioner so cold..

7.30am like tat, we reached at Luak Bay Beach. Hmm..the air is so fresh and the wind is quite strong also(woah..Tsunami coming o? hehe, kidding~)

Aww~this is so nice xD

We start our exercise at 8am. We gathered at the seashore and they gave us different injury to act. My injury was Unconscious + Lower Leg Bleeding which is u can say the most easiest one because u don need to shout nor cry. Juz lay there and wait for people to come and save you. I am the first victim that they carried back because u need to treat the unconscious people first.
What made me laugh like hell was i lie as the position of dead people and i wrote R.I.P beside me. But i never thought they treat me as i was dead so they carried me to the place that for the dead people -.-''
Lol lar, got paper beside me u din see than said i was dead..

First-aiders were helping victims

Ambulance was ready to send victims to hospital

The mock exercise which u can say is nt very successful because there was many mistakes but the conclusion was......Quite sucessful also lar. Lol..

Break Time............

Some went to play the water We were boring so we played few games with the form 1 girls..

Lol..this is so Lol..

*Peace in the middle*


Put some rocks to maintain the position the of the trunk


Omg, and we found this...BIG BIG WORM which was yucks..

Othman even had a serious SURGERY on one of them


pls lar..

And came to this!!


I wonder wad is this..xD

no comment.

A laope sand castle..Haha

Our dearly chef were cooking the lunch for us

Hmm..taste nice o^^

After the lunch, we continued our games. Charlene came and asked us to join the Ghost group(so that we can communicate with others) Our excuse is Nt nice, our own game more nicer than theirs lar^^ kidding~
So we played til 2pm like tat and the bus came to bring us home lur~
Tat's it~end of the story.............Now my body is so so so hurt(cannot tell u guys why) LOL
Now then i realize that i never come to beach since doctor found that i very sensitive to sea water but today til now still nth happened ler. Muahahahaha~i can go to the beach again! Gonna join this next time also xD
P/S: Once again, happy birthday to Gabriel and Janice!!^^
Tat's all
Enjoy ur day

Movie + a cup of tee = RELAX xD

Seems there is no time for me to go Parkson to watch The final Destination. Gotta go to school tmrw and hv some first-aid thing this Sunday. I finally got my first-aid pass certificate this morning liao, i wait for it for nearly one year since last year -.-'' Lol

Opps, The Death Note's popularity rise again around these few days..i wonder why?? My home got full pack of Death Note. Who wanna to borrow it can talk to me muahahaha~ xD

Two days to go then is ur birthday ler. Tell me whether u surprise or nt when u saw the cake today. When the recess u were the main character, happy? surprise? hahaha, don be sad to ur exam result but to enjoy everything u have WOO WOO~~

Hmm..someone is going to turn into 14 next Monday also(only if u noe who i am talking bout) two girls are going to turn into 14 this month in my class(maybe more than that) one is 6th of September and one more is 7th of September. Oh ya, Gabriel Kho..ur birthday is 6th of September also o haha xD xD

K lar, i lazy to write more. Enjoy my movie now and someone keep using my name in MSN. (Raymond, i wanna Kill you -.-'') Later is Drawing TIME~~ Teacher asked to draw bout the past perdana menteri and gave us example. Woops, we will see later =)

Life is something to be enjoyed and lived rather than a well suffering to be endured on the way to better things!! =D

Okay, tat's all
Enjoy ur day

Today xD

Currently so high now, some funny things happened juz now xD
Alrite, i finally knew how much did i get for my sivik already. Super LOW tat is 61 nia..T.T. Sob sob..

Fine lar, don care i am waiting for the last subject that is Art. Hope i can get a better one..plssss.....others still ok and tmrw gonna be a good day. WEE~~~

I like this MOVIEE~

I gonna to watch this in this weekend!!

i heard my cousin said this movie very kong pu

Chum Chum is my taste(at least this is nt ghost movie, juz some horror movie)



Tat's all for today

Byebye and enjoy ur day~~~~