God bless...
Wherever u are..
When u truly wan to hv something
from him..
Pray for him..
He will give you
nt today nor tmrw..
U will hv wad u wan..
someday in ur life..
When u sad..
He might be the only one who always
be with you
Juz u don noe that he is beside you..
he care bout you..
he wan you to always be together with him..
he create this world and all of us..
Do we appreciate him?
Love him?
Remember Him?
EXAM days only two days left...
Engine started...
Took the key..
Opened my car and started the engine
studying mood on~ although quite weird to study in the time like this..but i went to shopping juz now. Cant blame me for this><
Well, they said study in the middle nite is very nice..then tonite i gonna to try it.
In order to watch the meteor rain. Parents went to sleep ler, leave me alone =D
Gonna lock myself to ROOM for next week..Haiz, don like exam either..
PAck my mood up and hv a nice blogging first^^
Today school was as usual, hv some decorating to class 2D1 and hv a nice school day because today was free!(i mean nt need study lar, juz do our revision). Enjoyed this morning a lot..maybe today was the last day for us to play..haiz >=<"
Well, water GAME again today and the one who kena water is me!! -.-''' soi nia..
Omg!! its 11pm now..i gonna go to study ler^^hehe
A very lame post i noe
P/s: I will give u that thing on Monday de..promise^^
Okay, tat's all
Goodnite, sweet dreams~
Enjoy ur day~