Great, woke up around 8.30am like that. Watched my movie which drew me up from my bed. I was late! Duh...hv a washed on my face, brushed my tooth then rushed to change my clothes. When i arrived there, i juz realized that i havent eat breakfast yet...=.=. Fine, all the orphanges there made my hungry gone. They were all so cute~ but the bearS more cutieee. Wakakakaz, anyway, here are some photos i took at the orphange's house.

*Some of them* the others went to camp
i guess xD

they were all so friendly and nice

I like her the most!
can i take her home??? ><


the bears Benny donated to them
Oh yea, and i juz found that got a boy more LOL than me. =.=..juz 9 years old nia already like that. Walao..And so, only about 40 minutes we stayed at there. Then me and Benny followed Amabel's car went to Parkson. Saw Vico on the way walked to Parkson....Prozz hahas.

So at Parkson we got Leo photo taking project at Baby's Gallery. Of course everything is nt suit me. Haizzz too old liao bor bian.........T_T. Here comes with some photos.

2 Santa Claus and one panda. xD

I noe one of them made a child cried.
Wakakaz, til last his father brought him go.

Should i say...cute?

And so we oso help to promote their things bout lucky draw lar or other things bla bla bla..then we went to watch movie. 2pm!! Twilight: New Moon. Of course its very romantic but i like the vampires fought. So cool~ But the ending very high...
Edward: Bella, will u marry me?
Bella : .....................
*The End*
=.=............................after edward's words came with light switched on. I expected to hv more story come up bar..-.-'''Drew my three lines right beside my head. After movie, everyone of us went to eat. Because we din't eat lunch yet. MacDonald made me decided to eat at food court there. More faster xD And so after that....we separated each other. Some of them went to play arcade and some of them went to Baby's Gallery. I followed Kong Teck them, ended up at Bintang cafe there...Juz one by one went back home liao. Luckily got Pris pei me! =D thanks ya, Pris! wakakakakaz~
6pm i can say, i juz went back home. Its very tired i noe but phewf~ i very happy because more better at home bar.. Next time i wanna go again ^__^
Hmm, i think i should end my post til here ler. Although wanna write more but don wanna torture u guys's eyes xD. And i should go sleep now ler. Tmrw got church oso.
Byebye, goodnite
A sweet dream for everyone of you^_^