Life in deserts was sandy,
Life in caves was lonely,
Life in ocean was salty,
Life in stars was resplendent,
Life in car was modern,
Life in mountains was exhilarating,
Life in Sun was brilliant,
Life in forests was mystical,
Life in shadows was enigmatic,
Life in battlefield was belligerent,
Life in pearls was exotic,
Life in office was monotonous,
Life in sky was breezy,
Life in submarine was voluptuous,
Life in trees was mischievous,
Life in roses was fragrant,
Life in grass was intoxicating,
Life in webs was silken,
Life in paradise was divine,
Life in temples was sacrosanct,
Life in nests was sequestering,
Life in statues was stationary,
Life in icebergs was freezing,
Life in anthills was irascible,
Life in lakes was placid,
Life in locks was invincible,
Life in photographs was still,
Life in gardens was pleasant,
Life in mousetrap was asphyxiating,
Life in fists was curled,
Life in prison was disdainful
But life in the heart of your beloved; WAS; IS; ANDWILL ALWAYS BE LOVE; LOVE AND ONLY LOVE
Haha, well...i juz too bored until nth to do. Nt going to Concert tonite also but tmrw de. Well..i guess most of my friends also go tmrw de. Haha=D
Well, i asked my father to bring me out. Wanna relax and my father agreed bout it Yay~it has been sometime that i din go to Parkson so tonite my target is Parkson!! I wanna buy some movie also? Lol, exam is cuming ler still thinking of watching movie....nvm de lar. Enjoy first then baru study bar
So, now i gonna go to prepare myself ler. Good Luck for those who are going to perform tonite=D Jia you Jia you!
Update more later.
Okay, tat's all~
Byebye, enjoy ur life~