BSMM Mock Exercise-TSUNAMI

Today i was so unholy because i miss my church and went to join BSMM Mock Exercise. I went to HQ of BSMM at around 6am like that and there is so so so quiet cz many still haven come yet-.-''. Thanks to Othman because he was the second one arrived and at least i got one companion..Then we went inside HQ to wait for the bus and also others.

7am like the bus came and we went inside the bus......

And me and Mark kept saying that they were going to sell us to other's country first India then Thailand wad xD
Nt forgot to take photo
Photo Taking Time xD

Nice, but the air-conditioner so cold..

7.30am like tat, we reached at Luak Bay Beach. Hmm..the air is so fresh and the wind is quite strong also(woah..Tsunami coming o? hehe, kidding~)

Aww~this is so nice xD

We start our exercise at 8am. We gathered at the seashore and they gave us different injury to act. My injury was Unconscious + Lower Leg Bleeding which is u can say the most easiest one because u don need to shout nor cry. Juz lay there and wait for people to come and save you. I am the first victim that they carried back because u need to treat the unconscious people first.
What made me laugh like hell was i lie as the position of dead people and i wrote R.I.P beside me. But i never thought they treat me as i was dead so they carried me to the place that for the dead people -.-''
Lol lar, got paper beside me u din see than said i was dead..

First-aiders were helping victims

Ambulance was ready to send victims to hospital

The mock exercise which u can say is nt very successful because there was many mistakes but the conclusion was......Quite sucessful also lar. Lol..

Break Time............

Some went to play the water We were boring so we played few games with the form 1 girls..

Lol..this is so Lol..

*Peace in the middle*


Put some rocks to maintain the position the of the trunk


Omg, and we found this...BIG BIG WORM which was yucks..

Othman even had a serious SURGERY on one of them


pls lar..

And came to this!!


I wonder wad is this..xD

no comment.

A laope sand castle..Haha

Our dearly chef were cooking the lunch for us

Hmm..taste nice o^^

After the lunch, we continued our games. Charlene came and asked us to join the Ghost group(so that we can communicate with others) Our excuse is Nt nice, our own game more nicer than theirs lar^^ kidding~
So we played til 2pm like tat and the bus came to bring us home lur~
Tat's it~end of the story.............Now my body is so so so hurt(cannot tell u guys why) LOL
Now then i realize that i never come to beach since doctor found that i very sensitive to sea water but today til now still nth happened ler. Muahahahaha~i can go to the beach again! Gonna join this next time also xD
P/S: Once again, happy birthday to Gabriel and Janice!!^^
Tat's all
Enjoy ur day