Wth..i lost my Maths workbook?! i try to find everywhere but i juz cant find it..this is so damn...wad should i do now? anyone got extra and lend it to me tomorrow? KK book store already closed..well, luckily tomorrow got maths test and i hope teacher wont find out tat i lost my book! lol...don care lar...i lazy to study maths..tomorrow got geo test again. Sienz..why every teacher so like to give us test har? is it we cant get good result without test or this is only to show to principle tat they are hardworking and care bout our study very much? lol..pls don tell any teacher ya..later they bomb me ler..=.=

Btw, semester test only one week or two weeks left i think and i guess many already started their engine..to drive in a road which most people would dread to drive through.. whatever lar, i will start to prepare myself next Monday and tomorrow is Friday already..so sad, my friend Preston cannot go to school tomorrow..well, he told me the reason already but i already forgot..Haiz, tomorrow will be a boring Friday without him..

This morning was boring juz like yesterday but Maths and Science's teachers were absent today..so we enjoyed the free time very much..Mark, ky fung and jia zheng were talking something bout me..well, don wan to say it here..The "something" they were talking bout juz like shit and yucks..its disgusting..Nvm lar..forget bout this..Hmm, today is concert audition and our class's dancers were Angeline, Ma Li Ting, Jong, Liaw, Brenda, Alison, Jane and also Ling Kwong Jing..hmm, they done very well and i wan to say here also..well done.

P/s: Nothing is impossible..sometimes they juz cant forget each other..although 100 years have past..the happy they made together is still somewhere in their heart..XD

Haha, tat's all for today~

and enjoy ur day~