lonely nite..T_T

Mother went to Kuching ler..T_T
Home suddenly became quiet and no sound....
Father had to work and i am lonely again at home >.<
Tonite juz like last night, the night without mother...T_T

Well, i wonder how i wake up tomorrow because i hv to go church but usually its mother's job to wake me up. I always sleep late during Sunday =.='''

Whatever larh..i hope i can wake up myself tomorrow
Currently playing Restaurant City now and i juz lvl 3><
Nid to work hard ler nt only in game but in study too...
Last term exam is coming, PMR is going to say ByeBye lerh..All of you jia you o! Fight for last three subjects. Haha^^

Alrite~ Gtg to sleep ler
A short post for sure xD
Goodnite and Sweet dreams