My afternoon at the BSMM HQ. Received msg from Mark and also Puan (Merita) to help to rearrange the disaster management store. Clothes were everywhere u can seen...Ish. Made my nose allergic, but lucky i saw freeze them, Janice, Siew Wen, Kong Lek and also those from Chung Hua. They all looked so happy although tired.....Jeez, i wanna become one of them too T__T.

Well, we juz did the arrangement bout the clothes and divided them into different categories. Sounded like easy but when i started to work was very tiring. Chum Chum the Chung Hua camp was there and i wanna to meet with my friends plus there were station game after their lunch. Made me cant concentrated at all. SIGH...........

Nvm, faster finished it then i went to watch them played. All the station games almost related to mud one juz like st co camp. Muahahaha~ indeeed..i really want to join larh. For sure..><>

Bor Bian lar, 过一天算一天. Hehe
Okay, tat's all
A short post i noe
God Bless u A nice day^^


Back from Parkson. Phewf~ actually cousins invited me plus i was so so bored at home so then i followed them. Watched 2012 in the cinema. It was a great movie juz so until the more than 400,000 people left..T_________T.

Fine, that's still a movie til the don take it so seriously. Oh yeah, maybe i will go out again on Monday and alao Saturday. So siao rite? Forgive me because its really boring stuck at home....i got nth to do and don tell me u gonna ask me to play computer for 24 hours until the holidays end rite? Tat's why tonite i gonna do a holidays schedule to wise use of my holidays time. Hoho, better than nth to do and waste it juz like that rite?

Anyway, i really want to go to chung hua camp but everything was too late. Argh...maybe i was too tired that time. But now, i really really bored...If can, hope the YLC camp never stop til the end of December. LOLL! Sorry...become crazy liao.

I should stop blogging. Bought a new Bleach Movie 3. So now i am going to watch it.
See ya later!

God Bless
And Hv a nice holidays!

YLC camp

Ahhhhhhhh~ So damn tired after back from YLC (Youth Leadership Camp-4 days three nights). More and more friends i got to know during that camp. All members came from every school in the Miri xD

As u can see, before i went to the camp. The nite before the camp
Everything was ON!
First Day
So it came to the first day of the YLC camp. I arrived at the HQ around 7am like that. Then with a short briefing, we went to Lambir by two bus. What a coincidence i was same group with Cindy! At least in the whole group i only knew her T___T Others came from different schools. But when we arrived there, because some group short of they put me to group 8 that and the group with Cindy was group 5 >.<. So at the first day, we managed to learn how to make Gadget and time to know each other. We din't do a lot of activities that day because we were all new there. Juz during that nite we made our group logo, motto, and slogan. xD
Second Day
Day 2, Begun with morning exercise, then came to flat rising. Had marching training that day and with two talks which were the most boring one. Although the two talks were boring, we managed to stay awake during the two talks because of disciplined maybe O.o? Also with station game plus some of first aid managing. All the station game required our team work, luckily every member of group 8 managed to co-operate very well.^^ Oh yeah, my group(group 8) got Wong Yuan Ling, Teck Yew, Shu Chee, Kim Ling, Ishar and Christopher. Well, what a shock that our last station game, Christopher was having a heart attack(ONLY IF I NO WRONG). He went to hospital and came back around evening like that. BUT went to hospital again no longer than one hour after he came back here. Everyone was very worry especially those AJK because this happened such a sudden ><. Nvm, at least our group can calmed down. So then after our dinner, we got "night owl" A first aid training game. Situation: AJK were fighting each other and some of them were injured, first-aid was required!!. My casualty was Hafreez so no much worry lar juz a jaw bandage with his jaw injured that done liao. Hoho xD Then we went to sleep after finished our duty. Everyone was very tired i can said..xD
Third Day
Day 3, I love this day the most and hate this day the most. Why? because we got jungle trekking this morning until this evening and we got malam persembahan!!! Sigh..we need to act. UHH.. Don care bout the night show we aimed for our jungle trekking. Short Brief was given and those got Asthma and others were left alone in the hall..kelian. Then started of our jungle trekking. Had some climbing up and down of the hills, passing the river by the string, mud can be seen whole of our clothes juz very lucky that don hv linch >.<>
Last Day
Day 4, this day was our last day. So we can relax a bit, as usual started with morning exercise then the last activity we carried on. Mock exercise, situation: A flight was down, casualties were everywhere. We hv been divided into our different unit part. Me and my friends such as Mark, Raphael, Jia Zheng and Kong Lek were in the same unit that was Search and Rescue. First time experienced so a lot of mistake were out..The person in charge Sir Haizulyadi din't blame us because we at least done our best. xD First-aid competition, we got the second. Overall marks was out, our group got the second! So our YLC camp ended with Majlis penutupan. We went back by two bus also. Arrived at HQ around 5pm like that, saw my father's car. After passed the school magazine to Cindy. I went back home^^
Before that, all of these pictures i took with my teammates, and also friends.^^

Me and Cindy

The bus we used to went back to HQ

My Friends Hafreez.
Sorry because i moved the camera when i took
the pictures><

Everyone was ready to go home!

Me and my teammates, Teck Yew from
Chung Hua.
The Witch in the night show

Me and Shu Chee
A new friend from Chung Hua also.^^
The princess in the night show(Snow White)

A naughty boy but made lots of
Fun in our group.
Kim Ling xD

Another friend
Yuan Ling. Hoho
Form 6 de o

Yeah, I like his hair that can compare to Jonathan
So cool
That is Ishar.
My another teammates
So everything was ended. Now my whole body hurts and still very tired. Got to go to sleep again.
Wanna go to Chung Hua camp but very tired so i don want to go ler. Next year! I sure go to Chung Hua Camp!!! Hohoho xD
That's all
God Bless!

Class party at beach! xD

Tired, enjoyed, happy..three words to describe about our class party at beach! Yayyyy~ it was a successful event indeed. I guess everyone enjoyed it so much, we thank you for everyone that has sponsored money, food, bbq things and all the help from u guys during the party. We appreciated all of it xD

Alrite, let me start this great post bout the class party. =D

Around 6.45am like that, i received a msg from more than 4 friends like that. Telling me that there was raining..well, i still sleeping that time..Quite hard to believe that there was raining and i decided to wait for the rain to stop and Pray to God><>

A bit disappointed when i felt the rain and
Saw this dark cloud T__T
So then, Janice, Alison, Liaw, Jong and others arrived here around 8 am like that. We put the food on the table then me and Mark helped to started the BBQ fire. Noe what? Its very hard at first but thank God that the fire was finally started to burn. LOL. Then i went to helped Mabel them to prepare the water balloon. Tortured me because i dono how to tie the balloon filled with water >.<. They all so pro..*Sigh*

Caring the water balloon to the pondok.
hoho xD

Busy busy..lalala~

So then Jia Zheng also arrived there

We chatted about many things.


Where is the fire??? Uhhh...

Busy busy busy
Oh yeah, finally got fire but
U want to eat the chicken wings?
Hot dog, fish balls, chicken wings and on the
metal to be BBQ. hoho
Chatted while waited for the food

Helped to put the sate stick
into the chicken i wonder?
We booked for two BBQ set
so that we can finished all the chicken wings
Fish balls more quickly. hehe

So then, we rested for while and many of us went to play water and sand. Thx to few photographer for helping me to take the photos xD( Wling, Shaw Ming, Deborah, Benny and others xD)
And now come up with few words from the sand. hoho =)
Jane's one

Janice's one

Wling's one

Amabel's one

Yo! Handsome boy xD
Dono what to say already.

Then we all gathered there to chat with our teacher
Cikgu Siti.

Then our play time on the sand.
They don't want to play water so they
watched them play. Kesian..xD

The wind was so nice.....><

Wonder what are they looking at?

Photo taking time~! xD

Of course we also played water balloon. Juz i din take the photo bout it. Mark and Kye Fung don want play water so they BBQ bout the food. Lol...Water game was so nice hehe xD
So then, around 4 pm like that. We finished playing..some of them went to change cloth, some of them helped to pick up the rubbish, some of them watched the sea water. Of course until the end we got a bit 不舍得 because it ended up so quick..Nvm, we'll see each other in next year so be patient bout it. Also we can go out during holidays. Hoho xD
Alrite, class party has ended..and let me put this photo as the ending.^^
*The End*
Cya next year
Tat's all
Hope u enjoy it^^

Last day of school, first day of holidays XD

Hoorayy~ Yesterday was the last day of school and today is the first day of holidays. Feel like time pass really really fast..i gonna end up my form 2 so year gonna be a tough year. PMR...i was dreaming bout these three words last nite. WTH.. Seems like the words are going to torture me until the next year. *Sigh*.

Nvm, come with the holidays first. Well, i hv quite some of the activities in the November so hope it will nt be a boring one.
Tmrw- Class party at Beach! xD

-YLC camp
-Family trip to Sabah

So i will come back from Sabah around December like that..Whoo Whoo~ A lot of movies are waiting for me too but i still hope i can go out with my friends during holidays. 2012..i am aiming for you. Wait for me i gonna watch u xD. Hope Hollywood can out more and more nice movies so that i can spend up all my holidays in movies. parents asked me to go study =.= they want me to get myself ready for next year. Although i don really like it but i hv to obey them...Zzzz. Nvm though..

Its 1 pm now..outside is raining and i gonna to rest for while first.
See ya!~
Tat's all for my post
God Bless


All Of These Are Ultimate One =D

Alrite, holidays is coming soon. Although i got a camp rite at the 21th-24th of November, but i aimed for several games to download inside my computer =D.

Sudden attack
I hv already sudden attack in my computer. It was great one indeed. Anyway, this game is one of my
favourite but u noe i wont play for a game for a long time. So i decided to play other games.
sudden attack
u can select the weapon u wan
u play the map.
Call of duty 4.
Call of duty 4 is available around these few days. It is so great because of its quality. If i want to download this game. I need to hv 6GB space in my computer. What a computer will be very very very lag if i download this game. But still.....i like this game so much>< Sigh...
Its so reality that u can feel u are inside the game><
Alrite, now there is one group in my class talk about this game. Wolfteam is first person online shooting game but there is one more extra addition to this game. That is u can change into wolf while u shoot a person. When u change into wolf, ur hp and attack will increase. Hoho. I downloaded this game last night and i am going to hv a patch this game before i can play this game. xD
Selected weapon

Take out the knife..going to kill the abnormal people.
Left 4 dead 2
Alrite, this one is my favourite one also. Left 4 dead 2 is much much greater than left 4 dead. Left 4 dead 2 added melee combat other than guns. For me i guess i prefer use some kind of sword to kill zombies than using guns. U can see blood everywhere when u use sword or guns to kill zombie. Yeah, i still like one of the characters 's words :" Kill all the bitches, that is my duty xD"

Omg, cool~ baby. Haha

Come on, let's kill all the zombies!
OKay, i hv calculated all the space that is needed for my games. Wow¬ it needs more than 15GB? Duh...i seriously hate this because i still want my computer to function as normal. Hmm, i want ask my father to buy one more 150 GB hard drive. Hoho, this sure will be easy to play ler and one more......i want graphic card><...Such a greedy one..T__T
OKay lar, hope i can hv every of these games inside my computer.
Tat's all
Hv a nice afternoon.

BSMM Community Service- Beach Cleaning

So sorry for the late updating..i was very tired after i came back from the beach cleaning so now i decided to post bout the BSMM beach Cleaning. It was very fun too xD

We all gathered there and listened to some speeches from Mr. Kong and also those ajk from BSMM. After that, we started our cleaning.

Rubbish were everywhere..we din't manage to pick all of them out
but we tried our BEST.
Sheena kept finding chicken bones for me =.=....
plus fish bones..
I gave Sheena my camera and let her took all the pictures she managed to take. Cz she din't wear gloves bar. Hoho~ While i busy picking up the rubbish. A lot of Fun happened during the cleaning time especially when my job was to pick up the chicken bones ><

Aww~ Janice! xD
After the cleaning, we had some warm up juz before we started our games.

warm up~ Let's Jump Let's Jump.

After the warming up, Hafreez brought us to a wide field to play our games. It was very fun too.
The first game was "guess who the murderer was" four people became murderers and we need to guess it out who the murderer was. So cool xD
Who were those four murderers?
After the first game, we had a second game. I din take this photo because i too much enjoyed in this game already. :P
The last game was the greatest one. We needed to cross line by line without got caught by those ajk. Once u get caught, u have to restart from the first starting point. Sigh....>.<

Gambateh~ Cross the line! xD
Mark and Jia Zheng very high when they finally put the seeds into
my clothes =.=..
So then we had some break time before we ended up this event. Eating, Chatting, Playing were everywhere u can see..Got some pictures too^^


Then we had a closing ceremony. Everyone was free after the closing ceremony. Some went back to home. Some played more games there.

Let's put this picture for the end of my this post.

Enjoy it ya!


P/s: Wling, Sheena said she tao yan you cz u didn't tell her that u cant make it to beach cleaning. xD

Okay, tat's all bout beach cleaning post.


God Bless