Christmas eve =D


*jingle bells, jingle bells
jingle all the way
oh what fun it is to ride
in a one-horse open sleigh
jingle bells,jingle bells
jingle all the way....

Yeah, tonite u can hear the christmas songs everywhere. I wonder why, christmas eve seems to be the warmest day in whole year. Nt like Chinese New year or others festival day. Christmas seems to be a very special day. A day that people exchange presents, a day that people eat together happily =D OMG, i like today as well as tmrw.

Well, specially thanks to my cousins of such many nice presents. I like all the presents so much >.<>

Anyway, the class list haven't out yet. Haiz...when the class list out o? The clerk told me to check for it next week. Hmm, chum chum i got my last meeting in this holidays on 29th. So i can check on it that day, plz plz plz...29th the class list plz out already lar. T___T. But think back, the holidays is going to end. The school gate is going to open again. Arrrrrrrrrr, my form 2 almost end, and become a form 3 students. Time passed really fast, juz one turn back u almost finished a year. Miss all the fun we hv in form 2. Hoho, next year. I sure that more and more fun we will going to treasure for. Because only bring up more fun so that i can lower my stress a bit x.x.

Somehow i got this quote: Charm is the quality in others that makes us more satisfied with ourselves. =D Very true rite? Haha

So, i think that's all for this post.

Sweet dreams
Merry Christmas
God Bless