My afternoon at the BSMM HQ. Received msg from Mark and also Puan (Merita) to help to rearrange the disaster management store. Clothes were everywhere u can seen...Ish. Made my nose allergic, but lucky i saw freeze them, Janice, Siew Wen, Kong Lek and also those from Chung Hua. They all looked so happy although tired.....Jeez, i wanna become one of them too T__T.

Well, we juz did the arrangement bout the clothes and divided them into different categories. Sounded like easy but when i started to work was very tiring. Chum Chum the Chung Hua camp was there and i wanna to meet with my friends plus there were station game after their lunch. Made me cant concentrated at all. SIGH...........

Nvm, faster finished it then i went to watch them played. All the station games almost related to mud one juz like st co camp. Muahahaha~ indeeed..i really want to join larh. For sure..><>

Bor Bian lar, 过一天算一天. Hehe
Okay, tat's all
A short post i noe
God Bless u A nice day^^