Class party at beach! xD

Tired, enjoyed, happy..three words to describe about our class party at beach! Yayyyy~ it was a successful event indeed. I guess everyone enjoyed it so much, we thank you for everyone that has sponsored money, food, bbq things and all the help from u guys during the party. We appreciated all of it xD

Alrite, let me start this great post bout the class party. =D

Around 6.45am like that, i received a msg from more than 4 friends like that. Telling me that there was raining..well, i still sleeping that time..Quite hard to believe that there was raining and i decided to wait for the rain to stop and Pray to God><>

A bit disappointed when i felt the rain and
Saw this dark cloud T__T
So then, Janice, Alison, Liaw, Jong and others arrived here around 8 am like that. We put the food on the table then me and Mark helped to started the BBQ fire. Noe what? Its very hard at first but thank God that the fire was finally started to burn. LOL. Then i went to helped Mabel them to prepare the water balloon. Tortured me because i dono how to tie the balloon filled with water >.<. They all so pro..*Sigh*

Caring the water balloon to the pondok.
hoho xD

Busy busy..lalala~

So then Jia Zheng also arrived there

We chatted about many things.


Where is the fire??? Uhhh...

Busy busy busy
Oh yeah, finally got fire but
U want to eat the chicken wings?
Hot dog, fish balls, chicken wings and on the
metal to be BBQ. hoho
Chatted while waited for the food

Helped to put the sate stick
into the chicken i wonder?
We booked for two BBQ set
so that we can finished all the chicken wings
Fish balls more quickly. hehe

So then, we rested for while and many of us went to play water and sand. Thx to few photographer for helping me to take the photos xD( Wling, Shaw Ming, Deborah, Benny and others xD)
And now come up with few words from the sand. hoho =)
Jane's one

Janice's one

Wling's one

Amabel's one

Yo! Handsome boy xD
Dono what to say already.

Then we all gathered there to chat with our teacher
Cikgu Siti.

Then our play time on the sand.
They don't want to play water so they
watched them play. Kesian..xD

The wind was so nice.....><

Wonder what are they looking at?

Photo taking time~! xD

Of course we also played water balloon. Juz i din take the photo bout it. Mark and Kye Fung don want play water so they BBQ bout the food. Lol...Water game was so nice hehe xD
So then, around 4 pm like that. We finished playing..some of them went to change cloth, some of them helped to pick up the rubbish, some of them watched the sea water. Of course until the end we got a bit 不舍得 because it ended up so quick..Nvm, we'll see each other in next year so be patient bout it. Also we can go out during holidays. Hoho xD
Alrite, class party has ended..and let me put this photo as the ending.^^
*The End*
Cya next year
Tat's all
Hope u enjoy it^^