All Of These Are Ultimate One =D

Alrite, holidays is coming soon. Although i got a camp rite at the 21th-24th of November, but i aimed for several games to download inside my computer =D.

Sudden attack
I hv already sudden attack in my computer. It was great one indeed. Anyway, this game is one of my
favourite but u noe i wont play for a game for a long time. So i decided to play other games.
sudden attack
u can select the weapon u wan
u play the map.
Call of duty 4.
Call of duty 4 is available around these few days. It is so great because of its quality. If i want to download this game. I need to hv 6GB space in my computer. What a computer will be very very very lag if i download this game. But still.....i like this game so much>< Sigh...
Its so reality that u can feel u are inside the game><
Alrite, now there is one group in my class talk about this game. Wolfteam is first person online shooting game but there is one more extra addition to this game. That is u can change into wolf while u shoot a person. When u change into wolf, ur hp and attack will increase. Hoho. I downloaded this game last night and i am going to hv a patch this game before i can play this game. xD
Selected weapon

Take out the knife..going to kill the abnormal people.
Left 4 dead 2
Alrite, this one is my favourite one also. Left 4 dead 2 is much much greater than left 4 dead. Left 4 dead 2 added melee combat other than guns. For me i guess i prefer use some kind of sword to kill zombies than using guns. U can see blood everywhere when u use sword or guns to kill zombie. Yeah, i still like one of the characters 's words :" Kill all the bitches, that is my duty xD"

Omg, cool~ baby. Haha

Come on, let's kill all the zombies!
OKay, i hv calculated all the space that is needed for my games. Wow¬ it needs more than 15GB? Duh...i seriously hate this because i still want my computer to function as normal. Hmm, i want ask my father to buy one more 150 GB hard drive. Hoho, this sure will be easy to play ler and one more......i want graphic card><...Such a greedy one..T__T
OKay lar, hope i can hv every of these games inside my computer.
Tat's all
Hv a nice afternoon.