Last post year 2009

Alrite, its been sometimes since my last update. Sadly this post gonna be the last post in year 2009. Gosh, miss this year so much. All the activities we had done together, laughed, and played and everything. xD Time passes really fast, 2 days more then i gonna do my own countdown for PMR.

Fine, back to today. Woke up around 7.15am like that, all because of school meeting. But anyway, i actually went to school to check the class list :D hehe, we went to Eastwood to attend the meeting. Waseh, first time teacher brought us to go for meeting in other place especially school meeting -.-. hoho, well..if u said it was a meeting, i don think so because we went there(i mean some of us) juz talked nia. and did a little stuffs bout the signboard and some rules everything. Gosh, i tot this would be the last meeting but this coming Thursday and Saturday still got two more meetings!!! = = hate it..T_T.

2 more days 2 more days!!!! then we are going to throw away our calender year 2009 and put a new one year 2010. Sighhhhh, the first two weeks gonna be the busiest weeks after all. And PMR. Gosh, i hate people. everyone mood all gone when i heard PMR. But whatever, u cant run away from it but to face it rite? Nvm, juz one year then i am free for at least one year.

Let's aim for this

Towards 2010. xD
Maybe some of u noe where this sign come from

End of my post
God Bless you everyday :)

Christmas eve =D


*jingle bells, jingle bells
jingle all the way
oh what fun it is to ride
in a one-horse open sleigh
jingle bells,jingle bells
jingle all the way....

Yeah, tonite u can hear the christmas songs everywhere. I wonder why, christmas eve seems to be the warmest day in whole year. Nt like Chinese New year or others festival day. Christmas seems to be a very special day. A day that people exchange presents, a day that people eat together happily =D OMG, i like today as well as tmrw.

Well, specially thanks to my cousins of such many nice presents. I like all the presents so much >.<>

Anyway, the class list haven't out yet. Haiz...when the class list out o? The clerk told me to check for it next week. Hmm, chum chum i got my last meeting in this holidays on 29th. So i can check on it that day, plz plz plz...29th the class list plz out already lar. T___T. But think back, the holidays is going to end. The school gate is going to open again. Arrrrrrrrrr, my form 2 almost end, and become a form 3 students. Time passed really fast, juz one turn back u almost finished a year. Miss all the fun we hv in form 2. Hoho, next year. I sure that more and more fun we will going to treasure for. Because only bring up more fun so that i can lower my stress a bit x.x.

Somehow i got this quote: Charm is the quality in others that makes us more satisfied with ourselves. =D Very true rite? Haha

So, i think that's all for this post.

Sweet dreams
Merry Christmas
God Bless


Happy birthday to you~
Happy birthday to you~
Happy Birthday to Priscilla~
Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuu~
Happy birthday Priscilla! And wish u get a good results in PMR. Yosh!

KK Trip

I am so sorry for nt update so long time. I was too busy these few days. Plus i was sicked so its hard for me to get my normal life back. But today i am getting better so i decided to update bout the Kk trip. Anyway Home is always the best after all. 4 days 3 nights at KK are short enuf for me of couse because I still got so many places havent visited yet. T___T

Fine, Never mind. Let the pictures do the talking. xD

Day 1, The starting Day.

Packed up my things, then aunt sent us to airport around 11am like that. Back from the YLC meeting then straightly went to Airport. WOOPS......what a rush. Anyway, nth to shop at the airport there because there was too few shops there i admit it. SMS with friends while waiting for the airplane. So then a called :" Ladies and gentlemen, air plane bla bla bla arrived and....." calling us to get ready to catch the plane.

Ready to go in. xD

1 hour in the plane wasn't long enuf LOL! because i was SLEEPING inside~ Haha, cant blame me what? Too tired already because i had been staying at the airport for 3 hours long and Doing NTH!!! =.= if KL airport still okay lar but here....=.='''

So then we arrived ~KK~ Checked in Capital Hotel. Then me and my parents and also my aunt went to Gai Gai the KK city. This was the second time i went to KK so KK was still a freshbie for me. At least better than Bintulu or Sibu lar. xD

The KK city

Quite same with Miri actually. xD

And very HOT

One of the sign that drew my

Mum's attention.

So i guess tat's all for my first day in KK. Don forgot we arrived KK around 3pm like that except some of the small shopping center. Actually we din go so much places for the first Day. At night, We ate our dinner in the Ang's restaurant near our hotel xD save those pictures for myself can liao LOL!

so then.............................

Day 2!! The hyper day ~1 BORNEO~

So the second day we went to 1 Borneo by Mini Bus. Wakakakaz.
1 Borneo is 1 borneo. Its no wrong that The so called- King of the shopping center in KK. SUPER~ Its damn too many people there. Once u lost, its really hard to find u there.

Three things to describe 1 borneo shopping center

- Huge place
- New version
- New fashion
Yeah, 1 Borneo was too huge too new. Even there got Cinema also. And now i realize that KK got two main Cinema. =.=. Lol. And the escalator so long. Need to wait for like 15 seconds then u reached the basement floor. xD

1 Borneo shopping center one of the main door.

How to Find my mother in this kind of place?

nice..Very nice. If miri got this kind of

shopping center. I definitely use whole day time wandering there.

Mum : "Omg! So cute>.<"

Now all of these were really cute xD

Took for fun. xD

Hohoho~ Merry Christmas!
u can take photo with Santa juz u need to pay. muahahaha!

The christmas tree was full with bears. T__T

after 3 hours shopping there. Too tired so we rested for while.

My mum and dad.


Sigh. We went shopping there from morning til afternoon til evening. Almost used a whole day time. During the night, different restaurant. This time in 5 star chicken rice restaurant there, woops. The chicken rice damn nice one. Cant held myself to call for second time. xD

So time in hotel room til the next morning.......................

Day 3 SUPERBBBBBB ~ The so Called~Mountain of God~

Well, u cannot went there by walk. So My father called a Mini Van to bring us up there. We only reached the mountainside only. Plus there got some resorts and station. easier for us to call for the car to get us back. Then we did a little jungle trekking. muahaha xD The whether so cold and the air so fresh. How i hope i could live there forever. hehe

So nice and fresh.

The Liwagu Trail.

The view from the mountainside


nice. The picturesque scenery was like fairy land.


The colour was so attractive.

The path in the jungle. hoho


The flower my mother loves most.

Still got a lot of pictures but i think i should put these only. Don wanna torture ur eyes.

The Jungle trekking was so nice. We saw a lot of plants but no animals T_T. Fine, felt like sleeping there because the weather very cold even in the afternoon, i still felt very cold. Til 4pm like that. Father called a taxi to send us back to Capital hotel. Oh yeah, we did a little visited to Ranau. One of the small city in KK. The Jungle trekking was tiring. So when we on the way back to Hotel. We slept in the taxi, thanks for the taxi driver to send us back. Muahahaha. But in the Capital Hotel. I still straightly went to sleep and left everything behind. X.x

Day 3 ~The Labuan~

At first i tot Labuan was nice. But when we reached there, nth special. Except the place was free tax port so everything import like clothes especially Wine was so so Cheap! The shopping center there was also very old liao. Nt much people went the shopping center. x.x Nvm, So we came to Labuan. We went to labuan by Speed Boat and i like the all the pictures i took while trailing in the sea and the port.

Ticket Counter.

The sea, the boat..

~Kota Kinabalu welcome you~

The Sign i took in the port there.

Hoho, we used this one to get to Labuan.

Inside of the bot..

Leaving off Kota Kinabalu..Headed to Labuan~

Labuan Port~


Nth so special bout LOL!

Nt only Labuan. We also went to KK island. The island....The sadest thing. I forgot to bring the camera!! Ish.....Damn it. The island was so fun. Cz we enjoyed watching the fish. Playing the water. Picnic there and many many things. Juz unfortunately, there was raining there so i cannot enjoyed fully there....Sob Sob. And now i can only use words to describe the fun. T_T.

5pm back to our hotel.

During the night...

Mother brought me to little italy, Hunter's Pub and Something Different( Drinks ). And Bought a pizza back.

Well, juz 3 days i already went to so many places. Actually i planned to play more at the forth day

Who noes.....................................

4th day Like hell.. -SICKED-

Lol. Cant even stood up..Kept toss and turn on the bed. The feeling was too bad too bad for me. So father decided to go back right this day. *Sigh*, still got a plane to catch at night..Gosh. Really tired and sleepy. I was feeling so sicked!! That day was the day i hate most. Even in the airport i tried hold myself to sit,but til the end i laid down on the chairs and waiting for the time to pass. Who noes the plane got delayed and delayed..from 9pm delayed til 11.15pm. WTH..trying to torture wasn't it? Bad timing so i juz kept sleeping there til the time. And til 11pm. We took up the plane. Then i still kept sleeping. I din't take any photo this day, u noe lar. So sicked how was i going to take photo? T___T.

And so 1am we reached our home. Then we ended up our trip sadly? nolar. Very fun also. Thank God for no letting any accidents happened to us. Home was still the best. xD

And so my KK trip post end!


God bless a nice day! xD


Well, my mum woke me up this morning around 6.45am like that. Told me that i was late to Meeting. And i juz answered :" ya..ya..O.."
Then i continued to sleep...until 7.00am! My alarm was calling me. The Sound" Beep Beep Beep Beep" told me that i was reli reli reli late.. I woke up, nth to worry because i totally forgot bout the meeting. My mum then came in and told me that i got a meeting at 7.30am. WTH? I rushed to toilet, brushed my teeth then changed my clothes into BSMM shirt. Then my father sent me to BSMM HQ. Luckily i din late to the meeting. Blamed me that i played too much last night.

The meeting was alright, juz some of the new announcement and so on. And there is still a visit to old folks home. *Sigh* i cant go...and yet, still need to write a letter. =.=...

I went to eat with my parents after the meeting. Then i went back home to finalize my things. Right, i already finish packing everything. And i am here blogging. xD

Well, i am ready to go to airport now. And so...Goodbye to my Blog and everyone.
C you again!

P/s: Happy Birthday to Amily Jong!! =)

God Bless
And Good Luck

-A little not too over you-

Juz realize that being sick isn't a fun thing. Yesterday sore throat and fever attacked me. So xin body felt nth but tired and sleepy. Tat's why u din see me online at nite because i went to sleep lerh. Anyway, i so scared that had to cancel the trip to Sabah but lucky today i feel better already and even the sickness has gone! Thank God, then tmrw i can go to Sabah without worry anything xD

Today i got a meeting bout next year orientation. Hmm, we discussed bout almost everything such as orientation t-shirt, games, rules, groups and so on..Omg, Tmrw form 1 students got 400++ many lerh. Hehe, now i am packing my things to get myself ready to go to Sabah. Juz a short post of course because i don reli know what to write lerh.


So so, tat's all for this post
Hv a nice day
God Bless xD


Great, woke up around 8.30am like that. Watched my movie which drew me up from my bed. I was late! Duh...hv a washed on my face, brushed my tooth then rushed to change my clothes. When i arrived there, i juz realized that i havent eat breakfast yet...=.=. Fine, all the orphanges there made my hungry gone. They were all so cute~ but the bearS more cutieee. Wakakakaz, anyway, here are some photos i took at the orphange's house.

*Some of them* the others went to camp
i guess xD

they were all so friendly and nice

I like her the most!
can i take her home??? ><


the bears Benny donated to them
Oh yea, and i juz found that got a boy more LOL than me. =.=..juz 9 years old nia already like that. Walao..And so, only about 40 minutes we stayed at there. Then me and Benny followed Amabel's car went to Parkson. Saw Vico on the way walked to Parkson....Prozz hahas.

So at Parkson we got Leo photo taking project at Baby's Gallery. Of course everything is nt suit me. Haizzz too old liao bor bian.........T_T. Here comes with some photos.

2 Santa Claus and one panda. xD

I noe one of them made a child cried.
Wakakaz, til last his father brought him go.

Should i say...cute?

And so we oso help to promote their things bout lucky draw lar or other things bla bla bla..then we went to watch movie. 2pm!! Twilight: New Moon. Of course its very romantic but i like the vampires fought. So cool~ But the ending very high...
Edward: Bella, will u marry me?
Bella : .....................
*The End*
=.=............................after edward's words came with light switched on. I expected to hv more story come up bar..-.-'''Drew my three lines right beside my head. After movie, everyone of us went to eat. Because we din't eat lunch yet. MacDonald made me decided to eat at food court there. More faster xD And so after that....we separated each other. Some of them went to play arcade and some of them went to Baby's Gallery. I followed Kong Teck them, ended up at Bintang cafe there...Juz one by one went back home liao. Luckily got Pris pei me! =D thanks ya, Pris! wakakakakaz~
6pm i can say, i juz went back home. Its very tired i noe but phewf~ i very happy because more better at home bar.. Next time i wanna go again ^__^
Hmm, i think i should end my post til here ler. Although wanna write more but don wanna torture u guys's eyes xD. And i should go sleep now ler. Tmrw got church oso.
Byebye, goodnite
A sweet dream for everyone of you^_^