| | 0 comments is Saturday and don need to go to school this morning which was a Yay~i woke up at around 10am i think. Well, my parents had went to somewhere to eat, lol..they din even woke me bad one, left me alone at home..lonely..

I don care so much lar..i juz opened my computer and actually nth to do also..watching online comic until my parents came back..i asked them : "Mum..why din you woke me up before u and dad went to somewhere to hv lunch? i wanna go also" guess wad my mum answer me? "haha, me and ur dad wanna go somewhere to enjoy ourselves bar..i mean only me and ur dad, we two i don wan u to disturb us" old are they already lor still think of something romantic like tat?! yucks..i juz suddenly speechless and try to forget those words sucking words..=.=

Btw, my cousin bought me a new rubix cube with formula cost RM14.50..well, still okie okie lar, tat price..Haha..=D. well, last night i went to Parkson and saw Shaw Ming and Charlena..i followed my father to necklace father asked me wanna buy a necklace for my mother or nt? it cost 600plus, i answered him,"actually i want but can u buy one for me also?". He speechless..Hahaha, he also knew tat i juz kidding nia lar..wanna buy it or nt? actually no problem de..use my father's money then,..Lol..and Dad argh..don forget the present u owe me..=D

Hmm, now i am getting ready to go outside to hv dinner..Haha actually is my mother's family invite us de..where is it? i also dono but my father will bring us there so nth much to worry bout lar..haha

Okie.. tat's all for today~
Byebye and enjoy ur day~