Normal day...

Today is juz a normal day, nth happened, nth special.. WTH?! this morning got assembly, ok only took half an hour, nt so long..and wad was trying to say were all bout the preparation for the coming concert and also others boring things. Well, during Art period, teacher asked us to draw something and colour was so wu liao so i don wan to do it and i gave my last three drawing paper to Suk Han them so i sat in front them and talked to Timothy. See, i have become lazy already..=.=, fine lor..i will do it at home but nt today and teacher din asked us to pass up. So..don need worry lar~

During recess, well..i think u guys already noe wad happened to me right? Ya..they took my, fine..i let them searched my wallet because i trusted them. I noe they wont steal it or wad de and i noe tat they will give back to me later. So, nth to worry about..^^

Well, our last two period was KH and KH teacher taught us drawing, hmm..i wonder wad were girls doing during their ERT today? cooking? sewing? Fine, fine..i better continue my post...Well, i went home a little bit late today because i left my thing in my drawer and i had to went up to my class to take it..Lol, next time i hope i will nt be like this again, later get scold by my father because he has to go to work..=.=

Ok, tat's all and i don hv anything to blog bout today ler..btw, tomorrow got maths test and also chinses test..haiz, better study first...and i heard tat Maths teacher will absent tomorrow..Yay! i dono whether it is true or nt lar..i juz heard it from someone and i forgot who is tat person

Tat's all for today
Byebye and enjoy ur day¬