Last post year 2009

Alrite, its been sometimes since my last update. Sadly this post gonna be the last post in year 2009. Gosh, miss this year so much. All the activities we had done together, laughed, and played and everything. xD Time passes really fast, 2 days more then i gonna do my own countdown for PMR.

Fine, back to today. Woke up around 7.15am like that, all because of school meeting. But anyway, i actually went to school to check the class list :D hehe, we went to Eastwood to attend the meeting. Waseh, first time teacher brought us to go for meeting in other place especially school meeting -.-. hoho, well..if u said it was a meeting, i don think so because we went there(i mean some of us) juz talked nia. and did a little stuffs bout the signboard and some rules everything. Gosh, i tot this would be the last meeting but this coming Thursday and Saturday still got two more meetings!!! = = hate it..T_T.

2 more days 2 more days!!!! then we are going to throw away our calender year 2009 and put a new one year 2010. Sighhhhh, the first two weeks gonna be the busiest weeks after all. And PMR. Gosh, i hate people. everyone mood all gone when i heard PMR. But whatever, u cant run away from it but to face it rite? Nvm, juz one year then i am free for at least one year.

Let's aim for this

Towards 2010. xD
Maybe some of u noe where this sign come from

End of my post
God Bless you everyday :)