BSMM appreciation Dinner

It was great to say about the BSMM appreciation dinner. It was held at Grand Palace hotel...and u noe my style. Always like to go there earlier than others do. When i reached there, there were only form 1 girls nia. Luckily Othman them arrived juz after 10 minutes i arrived there. We had a fun chat til 6.30pm then we went up..ready for dinner! xD

Mark and Jia Zheng arrived a bit late, i gave my camera to Othman and asked him to become a photographer :P. While i busy chatting with Mark about Game Game Game.

Mark and Jia Zheng were registering at the
Register counter.

Form 4 girls..

Group Photo.
We started our dinner at 6.45pm. We had a few speeches from Mr. Kong, President of BSMM 2008, 2009(Loh Wei Lek), and Mdm Tan Mee Lan. After that we had a opening ceremony..lala~
Opening ceremony, cutting cake.
Mark's Question: " I saw the cake somewhere?" =.=
We hv singing time during the dinner time. Wow~ it was great cz everyone sung very well. Especially these two girls xD
Joanne and Chin Mei xD Hoho~
Sorry Jane, i din't record down i busy eating ><
We got games to play too! Participated by those volunteers xD

Another game, cool~

Juz after the dinner, we had some photo taking time!! Cool~

Senior and Junior~
Very like a Big Family Photo o..xD



Form 4 AJK of BSMM

Haven finished high-ing yet.. Now was our turn to take our photo!

With Joanne, Chin Mei, Gabriel, Mark, Heng, Rapheal, Othamn and Me!

Another Photo with our New President of BSMM
Alrite, we played til 9.30pm like that. Then we went back to home ler. It was very enjoyable indeed. And Don think everyone's High-ing gone after Dinner. Hoho!
Hope for this afternoon Beach Cleaning. For sure we will enjoy it once again!
Okay, tat's all
God Bless!