Chung Hua's Food Fair ticket=D

Yay~i got the ticket from Cindy ler~ The Chung Hua's Food Fair will be held at 9/8/09(Sunday i wonder)

Haha, i will go to chung hua that day for sure..gonna support support my friends bar hehe=D

Cindy, when i buy ur things argh...remember to give some bonus~hehe, so evil rite? x.x

Alrite, woke up from bed ler..Thank you for ur advice (ask me to go to take a nap). Now then i am getting better and better ler..Haha~Sick is really nt good..its not a good feeling because it suddenly block all of ur ability to do any things..>.<

Well, nt H1N1 then very good ler...if nt still need quarantine for one week ler. I don wan to be quarantine-.-''

Well, exam is coming soon and more and more projects to do..i really feel like don hv much much more time ler..ARGH!!!!!!! PJK, Sivic, History, and Geography...and topical test will be held next week..WTH?? i hate it..really hate itT.T...

Fine, for one day first..then baru think bout tat. Btw, tmrw got badminton..wonder wanna go or nt. Hmm...sure i will going, mahu relax bar..haha=D

Ok lar, tat's all..
Byebye and enjoy ur day=D


I don really felt like going to school today actually..totally sick..

Since i woke up from my bed..i already cannot stand for sure..otherwise got cough also..and fever..Hey, H1n1..cannot come to me argh-.-''If nt, i surely kill u till hell..

fine, i juz quickly went to eat some PANALDO and told my mum and dad. They also asked me don need go to school but i don wan..i miss my friends eh...Lol.-.-''

Haha, mian chiang mian chiang lar...i got many and many stuffs to do eh..>.<. haiz..

One more, i wan chuan lan to Mark Ko..who ask he so bad till always disturb me..always ask me to say out my secret. -.-'' Mark, someday i sure will disturb u back de, take revenge on u. HMPH~

Well, nth ler...this saturday got competition again. Tired of prepare things really...but bor bian, i hv to take part.

Oh ya, where got tsunami yesterday o, see..i still blogging here and nth happene de..
Going to update bout the banquet nite but only left pictures nia..faster online lar, Jon, i need ur pictures tat day..>.<

Haha, going to rest now, tmrw i still need to go to school.............muz charge back my power first=D
P/s: Dono how to open my mouth to tell u bout this....>.<>

P/s: Hmm...i dono who got sick also but Amabel, Wling and Benny got sick already. Well, hope u guys get well soon~God Bless..^^And also others...

Okay, tat's all~
byebye, enjoy urself~