My new rubik's cube! xD

Yay~ yay~finally my father bought me a new rubik's cube liao. U noe how sad was i when my rubik's cube kena rampas by discipline teacher? i juz bought it and next day kena rampas..-.-''

Fine, fine..then i asked my father to buy a new one. Here it is..a new rubik's cube..I like it! Yahoo! Somehow i think tat i cant live without rubik's cube..Lol

New rubik's cube xD
Alrite, let's talk bout today..
Footdrill training, we divided into two groups and the group i stayed was kinda like sakai..
When we walked, we tried to disturb the other group playful. Teacher juz stood there and din said anything. NICE~
But then, we enjoyed it very much because we juz played there but not seriously in kawad(sorry lar, only time training we will take it seriously okie?

P/s: Amabel, why u din come de?? even wling also came to this kawad...>.<
Having a Leo General Meeting then chat with others outside the school and played with Benny them..
Studying...i don wan also but my father forced me to go and study..bor bian lar..haiz..sienz
watching movie in youtube and found some very nice songs..hehe
Nth to do..solved my rubik's cube..tried to break my record..and create a new!
Here i am blogging....xD
One of the song i like. Enjoy it! xD

Okie, tat's all for today~

Byebye and enjoy ur day~