One word...tired but fun=D

Woke up quite early today cz i had to go to BSMM telematch. Well, quite excited actually=D
When i reached there, the school was full with noise cz they got last preparation of School concert, well..u guys sure did very well rite? haha=D Talked with LKJ and he blamed me for din went to his house last nite..LOL?

Now, i am going to hv quite a long post from now.
We gathered together at the school field there..Formed a group. oh ya, our group can only two boys and two girls at first but then add two more people in our group. My group members hv Mark, Benny, Me, Mun Ting, Onn, and also Peggy.

The game started..

Our first station was at the school field there which is nt very far away from the place we stood..the game rules is like this, two person would be tied together and stick together then hv a pail of water in the middle of them. Then the group leader will hv to lead them to place that is given to you then pour all the water to the bottle that is provided..Well, Mark and Benny a pair and Onn and Peggy. Well, i guess this station no one win??? maybe got one group but i think its nt us..T.T

The second station is we blew the balloon but we hv people from the other group stopped us or blast the balloon..i was trying to stop the other group. Janice, i am really sorry for doing such thing to you..Hehe=D wont be next time liao^^ Hmph~ asked me to be soft heart..actually i wan but scared later kena SEPA. -.-'' hor? This station, the result also remained as a unknown. Haiz.......alrite, move on to the other station..

Third station, we met with seniors....HOR HOR HOR~we were nt afraid of them but to hv much much semangat to fight with them. The spider web(fake de) was provided and we were given a balloon then threw to them. HMPH~ We threw balloon with much power only benny always threw to the three..hehe, i don wan to laugh de but i cant control myself..sorry benny~~=D. Well, actually there was another SO CALLED MOUTH WAR among our group with the seniors group. We don wan to lose then we had mouth war(口水战)Well, we cant beat Suk Qin, Chong, Wei Lee, Yung Wei for sure...their sound even more louder than us...T.T

Fourth station, use span, or mouth or cloth to fill up the bottle..this game is really fun actually. Me and Mark sacrificed our own clothes to fill up the bottle..seriously jou guan liao...haiz..Well, this round i am pretty sure that our group won! haha=D

Fifth station, flour biscuit...haiz, really don wan talk bout this but i think i better juz simply go through lar..hmm, one would be blind folded then the others will tell them where they should go but cannot hv body touching each other..kelian. When the person found the bottle then hv to take the biscuit with flour inside there..yucks......but we won in this round. YAAP..hehe=D

Last station, sixth station, hop to the place that is given to you then took a sweet back(hop back). Nt very fun but teamwork was very important for this round? Dono lar..but we still enjoyed it very much. Oh ya, this round..we......................lost. Fine, nvm=D

finally finished liao...gathered together then changed clothes. Played with the seniors while waiting for the result....sat on my legs?? hmph~i can tahan de tell you. =D

The result..
Our group got the Fourth...ok ok lar, well....specially thanks to SENIORS of giving u guys's gift..thanks for that really..=D haha. Well..wad else? no more..bought a drink then went back home=D

Here I am blogging..hehe=D

Ok, tat's all..
byebye, enjoy ur day..=D