money money, where is my money?~

Oh no..tomorrow is monday already, i haven finish the model yet! fine, i will do it, let me write my new post first. I juz finished my church and i am so tired now..last night althought i went bed around 11pm but i juz cant sleep, i don care and i went to watch movie until 1am..finally i got a little bit sleepy. Btw, last night chatting was interesting too, amabel is getting to rob bank today huh?..well, all SKF fault, dono wad he told amabel and make amabel became so bad. LOL!

Haha, amabel said i can get 1/5 of the money but shaw ming get 2/5, the others she take it..NT FAIR!! shaw ming, u muz give 1/4 of the money u get for me~the money i receive is not enough for me to enjoy my life

Btw, benny told me tat tomorrow got geo test?! god...i din even start study yet here, i specially tell those who are 2d1 students..tomorrow got geo test(i nt sure lar..but prepare better than doing nth and wait to die there bar)GEO test-form 1 bab 9 til bab 11..haha, i wish all of you good luck too and wish me also cz i oso haven start study yet..T.T.

~Love Gives ~

Love ever
gives, forgives, outlives,
and ever stands
with open hands,
for while it lives, it gives.
For this is love's prerogative—
to give, and give,
and give."

Okay, tat's all for today

Byebye and enjoy ur day~
Wish all of you good luck again.