Last term test is coming soon..

No more than 2 weeks....test is coming again and this is the last term test which means the test cover all form 1 and form 2. Time is precious...i cannot wait til last minutes to study this time and my family has already to start to lock my computer til the end of the test. Well, i accepted this cz i wan to study also ler..T_T

I hope i can maintain my last time result or even more higher but all depends on me whether i wanna be serious to study or nt xD.

Ya, i found a new game again "Caesar City". Caesar City is a city building game and required much much time to complete even juz one mission cz its juz like a real city and required a lot of time to build a building and upgrade it. Others country will also come to trade some goods with you and u need to decide whether trade with them or nt. my comp got two games that is SA and Caesar City. Gonna play both of them juz after i finish my Last term Test.

Alrite, gonna go and hv my dinner ler.
A short post indeed but hope u enjoy it
And God bless.