Today is a great day^^

Yeah, i din update for quite sometimes because there was nth to update bout it. Holidays again which is a NO NO for me because its so boring that everyday only stay at home and nth to do with. Loneliness lol. I envy of those who can go others place like Sibu, Kuching and so on..>=<. My parents scared of 2NE1(H1N1 but my parents call like that xD) so they are nt going to anywhere but to stay at home(they said home is the best best one -.-'')

Well, today is a great day because of the great great morning. I am planning to clean up my room( a very messy one because i don hv time to clean it which is a excuse for myself yeah~xD)

A messy one-.-'', i am gonna to take and upload the picture after i re-arrange all the books

A boring one
Juz because the Sun is great plus some wind and
my LOVELY morning.

niceeeeeeeeee xD

After that, i enjoyed my breakfast outside with my father. I ordered my favourite food Mee and a glass of Milo~ xD



After enjoyed my breakfast, we went to courts to buy a new fridge.
Father: We are going to buy a new fridge...
Me: Great but why?
Father: Cz seems that our fridge has come to its end. Its life has come to an end.
Me:......speechless...fine, whatever lar.
Father: Yeah......
So we came to here and choose a fridge.
We wan a LG one but need to ask for my mum(scared she bu shuan><)
Oh yeah, my father saw HTC P5500(PDA phone) and he said he interested with tat.
Father: Hey, come and hv a look with this. Is this nice?
Father: Come on, say somthing..
Me: You buy an iphone more better lar..
Father: O.o, u wan one?
Me: Hell yeah^^
Father: When sun rises from West and Akon gives you a signature then i will buy it for you. hoho
Me: ****......
So after that, we went back to home and here i am blogging xD

Took this picture while on the way back to home

Tat's all
God bless and be careful while driving lol