Juz a Random Day

*FUUUUUUUUU* Blow away all the dust in my blog. And here come with a fresh post.

Okay, first of all....i got really really bad result for my Science. Sigh...i should study hard for my Science T__T. Nvm lar..I will put all my hope on others subjects. Hope they will help me at least to get a BETTER results. Alrite, exam has past! And this morning we were very enjoyable all the time. Especially played UNO with Janice them..Hoho, kept bully each other and made them got their card as many as possible. Huahahaha *Evil Laugh*

Now is 2.30pm. Gonna go to do my correction at 3pm and pack my books for tmrw. Me, Benny, Amabel and Janice plan to held a class party before the coming holiday. Anyone interested? Venue i want at beach but dono they want or nt and wanna get the permission from Cikgu Luqman also.

Okay, i guess that's all i post bout it today. Nth to post bout ><

Going to change my blog skin again and it will be tmrw. Need to refresh my blog once again xD

P/s: INternet very lagggggggggggg><

Okay, tat's all
and Hv a nice day