Back from Parkson..

Let's see..
Woke up..enjoyed my breakfast..then went watched Titanic until, i also dono why i watched Titanic. Hmm, its kinda romantic and my aunt even cried. Lol..nt so touching bar hor?

Alright, getting ready to go Parkson liao..after finished my lunch I then went to Parkson. Suai suai traffic friends all arrived liao and i nearly miss 1pm de movie..Hao cai i din..xD

Well then, i got Alison, Frango, Ellen, Jeff, Kwong Jing and Jane..ya, only one girl..pretty kelian Jane right? Haha! Hmm..we watched Terminator Salvation..its nice..really nice. After tat..we were going to hv something to eat..tell you something, Jeff already spent RM80 on Naruto movie..crazy right? RM80 can buy a lot of things but he used it to buy Naruto movie..=.=rich kia. Haha, because only one girl so Jane juz kept followed us but hey, we din bully her very good ler.. we even wanna bought for her but she don wan also..For her its bored of

So, after finished our food..we spent whole the time at CC..haha, i don like CC so much so i went to popular to buy movie and Jane went met her sister..see, i so kuai ler..i met Kelvin also..Hmm, Ellen them finished at CC around 5.30pm like tat..soi soi CC got problem..all computers had to restart..muahaha..we then waited for our car outside Parkson. I am the first one who said goodbye de..then finished my whole afternoon liao..lalala~its so fun actually and i got one more group next Monday..time and place same as today..Haha, who wanna go???

Okay, tat's all~
Byebye and enjoy ur day~