This morning..........
Mother: "I think u should go get some haircut.."
Me: " Why?? ><"
Mother: " Cz what i see is those bushes on ur head...."
Me: " *.....Damn you....-.-''* fine..whatever.."

Then i went to my aunt's house to get a new fresh haircut. Well, my aunt saw through me. She said she understood a what a hair style a teenager want. Oh reli? thank you Aunt ^^

I guess it was already 10am like that because i woke up at 9.30am today -.-''. Well, Within 30 minutes, my aunt did some special skills on my hair. Noe wad? i like the new haircut WEE~~ So then i had lovely lunch and stayed there until 5pm which is..Juz now.

Juz now....
mother came back..
Me: "Nah..a new fresh haircut already. ^^"
Mother: " WTH is with those long hair?!! -.-''
Me: " Lalalala~"

Haha, still okie bar..except those few long hair. Others very short enuf liao xD so don blame me for anything lar~

Sometimes i wish for the coming school day cz i always boring at home. No one pei me..T.T Wanna hv a sister or brother?? NO..but i wan to hv a dog or cat ^^

I guess i hv to start my project ler
Enjoy ur day~
Happy Holiday~