Boring post...

Sorry for no updated for quite a long time.. because i don hv nth to blog it bout. Hehe, somehow i am getting addicted to friends for sale in facebook. In there u can buy ur friends and sell them..when the others buy away a friend from u, the price will increase and so on..tat's why it makes this game become so interested. Lol..

Alrite, this Saturday is going to quite some mafan for me liao because this Saturday is hari pelanggan and the school considered all the parents come and get the record book....what worst more are my parents argh...i am sure that they are going to ask many and many questions bout me.....-.-'''i hate it lol..who noes???

Well well, everyday is juz a common day, but yesterday afternoon is very funny. I went to HQ to do some cleaning for the camp..when i reached there, got a few people but all form 4 and form 5 students, only me a form 2 student..zzz.. Luckily i noe them...phewf~

So we washed all the things we used that day, after we finished it..O.o..i heard they said got ghost somewhere around the HQ..i don wan to believe it but hey..sometimes i scared too..-.-''
Oh yay~suk qin promised us to buy ice-cream!! around 4pm like tat, we went to survey there to buy ice-cream xD. We enjoyed it whole the time, until 5pm like tat..we went back home and kelian Chong had to wait until 6pm rite?? haha, pity you

Okay, tat's all for today
Byebye and enjoy ur day~