Happy mother's day!

Today is mother's day. We woke up early this morning because we need to go church..After we came back from church..guess where we went to eat? haha. We went to Marriott hotel to hv some special breakfast..wow, kinda nice eh..i saw many people come from others country..so cool~and and..i said my father asked me wanna buy a necklace for my mother or nt right? well..i din buy it..i gave my mother flower very good already hor? and i got said happy mother's day to my mother ler..Haha, necklace? i sure i will buy it for my mother when her birthday come..lala~^^

Btw, today is second day i play Rubik's cube..and i use three hours to solve it..finally, i solved it..YAY~~its kinda sucks when first time i played it..who know? i solved it!! hoohoo..so happy when i saw the Rubik's cube, six faces with six different colour..haha.

Yaler, talk bout last night..my whole my family went to eat right? its in sea world restaurent woah~all the food were nice..and we spent almost one thousand and five hundreds ringgit there..many people bar so we spent a little bit much lor..haha, nvm nvm..we share share lor..so my father paid 300 hundreds..others paid the left 1200..

Hmm, nth much bout today..and mother's day my family juz simply celebrate it..go outside to eat tonight..Lol, i got three days din hv my dinner at home ler..Haha, tomorrow got Geo test again..haiz, i think i better go to study it now. T.T..i hate it..

Okay, tat's all for today~
Byebye and enjoy ur day~