This movie is really nice=D

Well, i juz bought this movie from Speedy shop in Parkson. I found that this movie is really really nice=D Well, it consist of 80 episodes so i gonna spend my whole week on this movie ler..hmm, maybe more than one week cz i hv to study also and my mother wont allow me to watch this movie for whole time T.T

Well, the summary of this story is:
In Pak Siu Yao's eyes, her three daughters were perfect as diamonds. When the time has come, she wanted her three daughters to marry rich guy because she thought that it is the only way to hv a good future for her three daughters so she started to train them. But then when her three daughters married to different rich guy, they gradually losing themselves in vanity....."

Chinese name:珠光宝器
English name? IDK=D

The main characters in this movie

Some romantic ending=D well, i guess its quite romantic rite?=D
Well, the story is mainly mention in money is nt everything so better remember this thing. MONEY IS NT EVERYTHING.=D

Haha, ok..lets talk bout today. Gonna be a long post+.+

Early morning

Woke up quite early this morning cz gonna so to school to study History, today got History's topical test!!Omg, T.T die ler this time lar..

In school

Got study or nt? -.-''no..a little bit nia, when i reached school, i busy coloured my things with Bertram them then asked them those who were on duty today carry out their duty=D


Sucks....really sucks...My so-called lao po(LKJ, only he called himself as he is my lao po, i really dono anything and has nth to say-.-'') is sitting beside me and i cant see any word at the front there..bor bian, we juz busy kacau Jon and others there..hehe


Was teacher a little bit different today or nt? She kept took my BAO BEI(feather duster) and hit the table pretty hard...hey hey, i will cry for them de lar u noeT.T And we had our presentations bout FRIEND, Benny.....thank you for saving us, haha=D


Helped people bought things again..Haha=D have my laksa mee as my breakfast today+.+. Then is crazy time for everyone of us. Oh ya, forgot to tell u a funny part when we were having English. Me, Mark, Jia Zheng and Kye Fung were having a game and the rules was very simple..That is u cannot say ME YOU AND SHE/HE in any language. Haha, the winner is???i dono also, i guess is Mark eh..i got the second, Kye Fung got the third and Jia Zheng got the last. Hahahaha!!!its pretty fun actually and its crazy game i sure bout that=D


Teacher let us do our own revision, how sweet~


Well, the time has finally came.............we did our last preparation and carry out our thing to the end of the road~~~Lol, there was 30 question. For me, its really really hard..but for MARK, sha sha sui lar..haha, then we have some project lesson. we need to pass up our history project on 14/8/09. Which is no more than 20 days left..T.T. Gonna hv my nite car engine start again...haiz..


hmm..learnt bout new to do dapatan kajian in project. Lol..i wrote down all the things teacher taught us de but i guess i still don understand? No lar..ok liao. Hehe=D

After school

Went back to home..hv special lunch then went to school again..watched angeline them dance and its pretty well actually. haha=D Then we went GCM there played badminton. HOHO, nearly beated Preston liao but still lost one? Haha and i beat Tony also. Hehe=D


Dinner time..chatting and also Gaming time~


Here I am Blogging. Hehe=D Playing Uno with Cherry by MSN now..dono who lose lor..>.<

Okay~tat's all i guess

P/M: Dancers...tmrw gotta be very energetic, last round already. Jia you!!!

P/M: Tmrw Telematch, excited..hehe=D


Goodnite, sweet dreams~=D