Woops =D

Hoho, tomorrow can go to school lerh! Can chat with friends and do school exercise again xD Better than home lar cz at home i got nth to do but study and staring at the computer =.=

Dont care larh, this morning i woke up quite early and i got Bihun goreng for my breakfast. Then here i am blogging, today is very odd because father allowed me play computer before he went to work but still...i cant play games><><

Whatever larh, exam will be held at next week..this time is last term exam so i cant complain anything what cz if i din start study from now, i sure cant memorise all of the theory, history, formula and others during the day of the exam. Haha, don think bout it first! I should enjoy myself for now first xD mother always told me:" 看开一点吧!"^^

Hehe, i should sink in my manga world for now lerh
End of this post
Good Morning to everyone!
A Sunny day for everyone of us and enjoy it!
God bless!