Haha, enjoyed whole the time very much~Juz a little bit busy this morning but everything has been done! Woops..can pass up history's project after holiday. Well...my parents sure be very happy when they noe bout this because i can finally concentrate on my study. -.-'' they think only..but am i?

Hmm...since Amabel said i cannot beat her in blog post. I wont accept this fact..so i gonna make some preparations yo upload a long long long post. This time i wont lose ler..hmph! =D

Well, let's see...wad makes Jonathan in pretty pretty high mood this morning was A Japanese student come to our school. Woah, well.....she is pretty i am sure. And i cant really get to noe her name well. Even dono how to spell it..well, Jonathan..r u still in the high mood?? Opps..hehe=D

Well, let's welcome her also lar..welcome to this school and enjoy ur stay here=D


Hv some ADDITION to my blog..hope u like it and tell me wad else nice thing can i do for my blog. Thanks a lot~

Okay, tat's all
i should continue my study ler. Tmrw hv Chinese test but i haven touch the book yet. T.T

Enjoy ur day=D