So sad..i got the third in G-Maths competition..argh, jia zheng got the highest this group and shaw ming got the second. Jia Zheng even got the highest in the overall..if i not mistaken. Omg, tomorrow got maths test?!! my god..i haven start study yet, never mind..i can study tonight, now is the time for me to play piano and also do some revision of my subject. I don wan to get scold by parent again..they want me to get top ten..sometime i juz feel like they want to show off only. If i get top ten, they can tell the others how pro they son are..wad a shame. well, i don noe wad actually they want also..i hope they wont be like tat( show off ). Haha, nth much to blog about today, i also wan to learn more about blogging from others also..because i want to make my blog more interesting.. mind to give some idea or teach me? XD=


Words spoken
may soon pass away
and forgotten be,
But when spoken
in love and kindness,
are like beautiful flowers,
and even though
they fade and die from conscious memory,
their fragrance lives on
embedded in the
deeper mind -

Tat's all for today.
Byebye and enjoy ur day.