Happy Teacher's Day

I had to wake up early this morning because i had to go to school to celebrate Teacher's Day. O.o..All my friends arrived around 6.30am i think..woah..nice and everyone was talkative today. 7am, we went inside the school hall and waited for our teachers, while all teachers went inside the school hall. Everyone of us kept screaming there juz like crazy people, of course..i joined them too..lol

Well, its totally sad because all of the performances no more than ten nia..*.* All the performances ended around 9.30am, YAY~Me, Preston, Benny, Jonathan, Amabel, Woan Ling and Brenda went to Sun City, lol..i had to become body guard again..and one more, actually Woan Ling should treat us because yesterday was her birthday bar..fine lar. I ordered my favourite food LAKSA! after finished our food there..we went back and played outside the school hall. Well..its really sad because my Rubik cube had broken into 54 pieces..SAD..T.T. Hmm, lets see..I am the last one who went home..At home, i watched DEATH NOTE until 3pm i think..after tat, took a nap until 5.30pm..online but lazy to post tat time so i post it now.

Then i juz realized tat i haven complete my Science folio yet, luckily Janice, Michele and Annie had helped me so much. Haha, Thank you thank you! well..i guess i need to finish my Science folio before 12am. Start from now.

Okay, tat's all for today~
Byebye and enjoy ur day~