3pm..the time i reached home, well...i juz want to quickly post first before i go to enjoy my lunch..well, actually..nth happened this morning. Only during the PJ, we had push up, this was so so so so unfair..because the way we(boys) push up is more difficult than girls..if we use the girl's way to push up..we sure can do more than 50 times..well, at least 50 can bar? the best record was 27 times tat is liaw kai wee and me but for girls the best record was 50 times?! okok..low than girls i noe..pls don laugh..=.= last post said tat my birthday is after exam right? WRONG! after someone told me this morning, i juz knew my birthday(5.20) and the semester exam is 5.18 until 5.29..i think so. Tat means when the day of my most happiest day(birthday)..i haven finish my exam yet..SO SO SO SAD ARGH..i cant enjoy my father's special gift and i have to wait one more! why like this de...i cant enjoy my real birthday and i have to study....why why why? i am so sad bout this...i nearly wan to kill people

Haiz..fine, don wan care bout it...i still got something have to do it now..and i haven eat my lunch yet..okay..i think tat's all for today..nth to blog about until now..

enjoy ur day¬