This movie is really nice=D

Well, i juz bought this movie from Speedy shop in Parkson. I found that this movie is really really nice=D Well, it consist of 80 episodes so i gonna spend my whole week on this movie ler..hmm, maybe more than one week cz i hv to study also and my mother wont allow me to watch this movie for whole time T.T

Well, the summary of this story is:
In Pak Siu Yao's eyes, her three daughters were perfect as diamonds. When the time has come, she wanted her three daughters to marry rich guy because she thought that it is the only way to hv a good future for her three daughters so she started to train them. But then when her three daughters married to different rich guy, they gradually losing themselves in vanity....."

Chinese name:珠光宝器
English name? IDK=D

The main characters in this movie

Some romantic ending=D well, i guess its quite romantic rite?=D
Well, the story is mainly mention in money is nt everything so better remember this thing. MONEY IS NT EVERYTHING.=D

Haha, ok..lets talk bout today. Gonna be a long post+.+

Early morning

Woke up quite early this morning cz gonna so to school to study History, today got History's topical test!!Omg, T.T die ler this time lar..

In school

Got study or nt? -.-''no..a little bit nia, when i reached school, i busy coloured my things with Bertram them then asked them those who were on duty today carry out their duty=D


Sucks....really sucks...My so-called lao po(LKJ, only he called himself as he is my lao po, i really dono anything and has nth to say-.-'') is sitting beside me and i cant see any word at the front there..bor bian, we juz busy kacau Jon and others there..hehe


Was teacher a little bit different today or nt? She kept took my BAO BEI(feather duster) and hit the table pretty hard...hey hey, i will cry for them de lar u noeT.T And we had our presentations bout FRIEND, Benny.....thank you for saving us, haha=D


Helped people bought things again..Haha=D have my laksa mee as my breakfast today+.+. Then is crazy time for everyone of us. Oh ya, forgot to tell u a funny part when we were having English. Me, Mark, Jia Zheng and Kye Fung were having a game and the rules was very simple..That is u cannot say ME YOU AND SHE/HE in any language. Haha, the winner is???i dono also, i guess is Mark eh..i got the second, Kye Fung got the third and Jia Zheng got the last. Hahahaha!!!its pretty fun actually and its crazy game i sure bout that=D


Teacher let us do our own revision, how sweet~


Well, the time has finally came.............we did our last preparation and carry out our thing to the end of the road~~~Lol, there was 30 question. For me, its really really hard..but for MARK, sha sha sui lar..haha, then we have some project lesson. we need to pass up our history project on 14/8/09. Which is no more than 20 days left..T.T. Gonna hv my nite car engine start again...haiz..


hmm..learnt bout new to do dapatan kajian in project. Lol..i wrote down all the things teacher taught us de but i guess i still don understand? No lar..ok liao. Hehe=D

After school

Went back to home..hv special lunch then went to school again..watched angeline them dance and its pretty well actually. haha=D Then we went GCM there played badminton. HOHO, nearly beated Preston liao but still lost one? Haha and i beat Tony also. Hehe=D


Dinner time..chatting and also Gaming time~


Here I am Blogging. Hehe=D Playing Uno with Cherry by MSN now..dono who lose lor..>.<

Okay~tat's all i guess

P/M: Dancers...tmrw gotta be very energetic, last round already. Jia you!!!

P/M: Tmrw Telematch, excited..hehe=D


Goodnite, sweet dreams~=D

I like this song very much=D


Okie, gonna post bout this song for sure. This is really nice. When i listened to this song..i laughed like almost go to hell ler=D so gonna share it with u guys...erm..maybe some of u already knew bout this song but i also wanna let others noe bout this song^^

Enjoy~~Oh ya, stop my music player that is at the bottom of my blog there..stop it first before u listen this song.=D

Ok, tat's all

Byebye~enjoy ur day=D

some more pictures bout the banquet nite=D



IDK wad were they doing..=D

Xiu Yu=D
Okay, no more pictures bout the banquet nite ler.
Tat's all
Byebye and enjoy ur day=D

Banquet nite~=D

Oh yay~finally my sd memory card is back. Now i am going to upload all the pictures i took during the banquet nite. =D

The banquet nite is really fun..everybody especially the boys..looks very smart.
Girls with pretty skirt also~HAha=D

Well, hv a look on some pictures i took first=D

Before i went to Mega Hotel

Gathered and played=D

hmm=D the food was really really nice=D


Haha, tat's all the pictures i took..sorry ya~
But that nite was really really nice..the food also. Oh yeah, we and Jesshi became friend very fast^^..all because of that Kwong Jing lor, the first word he talked to Jesshi is “YO! FRIEND!'' ..Lol
Oh yeah, i got one more picture..but you said don wan to post it..Haha, nvm then=D
Ok, tat's all bout the banquet nite

Chung Hua's Food Fair ticket=D

Yay~i got the ticket from Cindy ler~ The Chung Hua's Food Fair will be held at 9/8/09(Sunday i wonder)

Haha, i will go to chung hua that day for sure..gonna support support my friends bar hehe=D

Cindy, when i buy ur things argh...remember to give some bonus~hehe, so evil rite? x.x

Alrite, woke up from bed ler..Thank you for ur advice (ask me to go to take a nap). Now then i am getting better and better ler..Haha~Sick is really nt good..its not a good feeling because it suddenly block all of ur ability to do any things..>.<

Well, nt H1N1 then very good ler...if nt still need quarantine for one week ler. I don wan to be quarantine-.-''

Well, exam is coming soon and more and more projects to do..i really feel like don hv much much more time ler..ARGH!!!!!!! PJK, Sivic, History, and Geography...and topical test will be held next week..WTH?? i hate it..really hate itT.T...

Fine, for one day first..then baru think bout tat. Btw, tmrw got badminton..wonder wanna go or nt. Hmm...sure i will going, mahu relax bar..haha=D

Ok lar, tat's all..
Byebye and enjoy ur day=D


I don really felt like going to school today actually..totally sick..

Since i woke up from my bed..i already cannot stand for sure..otherwise got cough also..and fever..Hey, H1n1..cannot come to me argh-.-''If nt, i surely kill u till hell..

fine, i juz quickly went to eat some PANALDO and told my mum and dad. They also asked me don need go to school but i don wan..i miss my friends eh...Lol.-.-''

Haha, mian chiang mian chiang lar...i got many and many stuffs to do eh..>.<. haiz..

One more, i wan chuan lan to Mark Ko..who ask he so bad till always disturb me..always ask me to say out my secret. -.-'' Mark, someday i sure will disturb u back de, take revenge on u. HMPH~

Well, nth ler...this saturday got competition again. Tired of prepare things really...but bor bian, i hv to take part.

Oh ya, where got tsunami yesterday o, see..i still blogging here and nth happene de..
Going to update bout the banquet nite but only left pictures nia..faster online lar, Jon, i need ur pictures tat day..>.<

Haha, going to rest now, tmrw i still need to go to school.............muz charge back my power first=D
P/s: Dono how to open my mouth to tell u bout this....>.<>

P/s: Hmm...i dono who got sick also but Amabel, Wling and Benny got sick already. Well, hope u guys get well soon~God Bless..^^And also others...

Okay, tat's all~
byebye, enjoy urself~

Leo installation and dinner=D

Okie, juz back from Mega hotel..had a Leo installation this afternoon and a very long And the Air-conditioner was very very cold..-.-''
I am going to change my shirt now because i am going to
Mega Hotel
Nth to post liao also.
I got bring camera for tonite's Leo Banquet Nite
Enjoy ur day

Its quite a fun day for me =D

Nth happened today actually but the Leo General Meeting was very nice=D

All because of Ling Kwong Jing tat guy..always made fun on seniors and forced them to fight with us..Well, the story is kinda like tat...

Actually, we went to General Meeting to listen and take notes of wad should we wear or bring on tmrw's leo installation and also Banquet Nite..After tat, they asked those who got go to line up in front of class then changed to back..

Then they wanted us to shout Three times RAWR and sing leo's song. But unfortunately, we din sang properly then KJ(Kwong Jing) said he wanted one on one with senior and became the ZHI HUI GUAN to lead us -.-'' Its kinda lol..

Well, we repeated and repeated to shout and sing until they satisfied. And we made seniors angry quite many times..always no serious one..Finally, until 11.30am..we sang last time and this time they were really satisfied..-.-''its very tired but its very fun..i am glad tat i got come today..=D

Haha, this afternoon i went to Jong's house..doing nth -.-'' we played PS2 and also computer games..watched movie and music-ing then and Frango also here tat's why we wont be so boring..haha

then nth else ler..yaler, juz now i tried my new formal shirt..its pretty nice, luckily i din buy wrong..i also took some photos(i noe i noe, zhi nian...-.-'')whatever lar..

Okie, tat's all for tonite, gtg to sleep soon because tmrw will be very busy
Haha, byebye and enjoy ur day
Goodnite and sweet dreams


Thanks for Jonathan for sending me all of these pictures...haha=D reli thanks~
ED: Nice rite? i cooked all of these!


Talking while eating~

Haha, wanna tears out made my unifrom dirty nia..=D


What a arrangement?



pretty nice..


I like those eggs...haha
okie, i guess tat's all..maybe still got many pictures but i dono where i put it or maybe it lost liao..nvm, try to get from Mr.Wong Kung Kui.
and enjoy ur day~

Cooking lessons..FUNNY=D

Today was reli funny..actually a normal two periods of KT subjects became four periods..haha, we never argue bout the changes because we had to cook!
Early in the morning, every KT members brought their own ingredients to school and after recess..We brought our own ingredients to ERT room and START COOKING

Its was totally fun because almost everyone din't walked into kitchen when we cooked, maybe got something wrong happened but we did tried to make it perfect liao..Althought i got cooked ever but hey, this is first time i did reli cut onion, honeydew, chicken's meat and so on..i cooked the main course which i like the most..tat is special mixed rice~i always cook that at home and its pretty nice..hehe

Well, let's enjoy the pictures first(thanks for Jonathan for sending me all of these pictures, thx very much =D)
Gonna upload my pictures in the other one's post..

Hari Pelanggan

Lol..i went to school early in the morning wif my father..
When i reached there, there were two of my friends Brenda, Annie, Cherry and also Benjamin which was talking to teacher wif his mother...
I got the No.7..had to wait long father told me he went to park his car and walking around the school compound..when he came back, ZUN ZUN our class teacher Mr.Luqman called me..Haha xD

Well, the conversation is bout the dimerit marks i got(din finished English Project) >.<..luckily i got some merits marks and enuf to cover tat 5 marks..but my father kept asking teacher bout my attitude at school..Lol..

I was very lucky because teacher din said any bad bout me..and my father said he was satisfied..but i noe he DIN..fine, whatever lar...i saw some of my friends too and chat with them..

Hari pelanggan or Customer's day is nt tat bad than i thought..maybe i juz lucky because my father din scolded me inside his car..btw, he was really mad sometime bout the dimerit marks i got...-.-'''

BUT i hope next time i will never get any dimerit marks again....if nt, i sure kena scolded by my father de. U noe de lar..every parents wanna their son become perfect but the fact is...there is no perfect anywhere...<<<>>>

Alrite, tat's all bout the hari pelanggan..
Goodbye and enjoy ur day~

A post only for you-DON GIVE UP

Restless winds hum over a deathly dry field
Sure is a dangerous weapon that you wield
Like a time bomb that you've managed to conceal
Your heart's ready to explode
Don't give up, you're too strong for that
Don't give in
Don't sink in the water
Just try to swim
Your mind's on fire with heat from the timeless sun
Now you're fighting a war never to be won
Waiting for this meaningless time to be done
Screaming at thoughts you've whispered
Don't give out, you're the strongest one I know
Don't give way
Don't accept this fate
Alone in the bed you've made
What is life if u always give up
Don give up
The goal is waiting for you.....

byebye, goodnite..sweet dreams..


Lol...almost cannot wait until tmrw liao.. I wanna get my record book as fast as i can..-.-'' then go back home wait to kena "SHOOT" by my father...xD

Btw, Chung Hua is going to hv a food fair and my friends there invited me to go...hmm, wanna go? i juz wan some friends PEI wo

Today's school was very boring...nth to do and nth to play. Our English teacher was absent this morning so it will be others teacher sat in..nah, Mr. Yuan came to our class and asked some of us to go and helped him..i don wan this time because i wanna rest in class. Haha xD

Well, Sivic, sejarah was really really boring...but geography? Everyone was in the high mood and i had to do the toilet cleaning..-.-''so u can say me skip the last subject's period...

Yaler, i signed up as a member of click it if u see any advertisement.

When u click it..then i will get RM0.25..but u will lost nth(i guess so)Haha, so support support me a little bit..Thank you^^

P/s: Really sorry for everything i done...forgive me this time can? I promise nt to let the history repeat again..Pls...

Okay, tat's all for today
byebye and enjoy ur day..

Boring post...

Sorry for no updated for quite a long time.. because i don hv nth to blog it bout. Hehe, somehow i am getting addicted to friends for sale in facebook. In there u can buy ur friends and sell them..when the others buy away a friend from u, the price will increase and so on..tat's why it makes this game become so interested. Lol..

Alrite, this Saturday is going to quite some mafan for me liao because this Saturday is hari pelanggan and the school considered all the parents come and get the record book....what worst more are my parents argh...i am sure that they are going to ask many and many questions bout me.....-.-'''i hate it lol..who noes???

Well well, everyday is juz a common day, but yesterday afternoon is very funny. I went to HQ to do some cleaning for the camp..when i reached there, got a few people but all form 4 and form 5 students, only me a form 2 student..zzz.. Luckily i noe them...phewf~

So we washed all the things we used that day, after we finished it..O.o..i heard they said got ghost somewhere around the HQ..i don wan to believe it but hey..sometimes i scared too..-.-''
Oh yay~suk qin promised us to buy ice-cream!! around 4pm like tat, we went to survey there to buy ice-cream xD. We enjoyed it whole the time, until 5pm like tat..we went back home and kelian Chong had to wait until 6pm rite?? haha, pity you

Okay, tat's all for today
Byebye and enjoy ur day~

My new rubik's cube! xD

Yay~ yay~finally my father bought me a new rubik's cube liao. U noe how sad was i when my rubik's cube kena rampas by discipline teacher? i juz bought it and next day kena rampas..-.-''

Fine, fine..then i asked my father to buy a new one. Here it is..a new rubik's cube..I like it! Yahoo! Somehow i think tat i cant live without rubik's cube..Lol

New rubik's cube xD
Alrite, let's talk bout today..
Footdrill training, we divided into two groups and the group i stayed was kinda like sakai..
When we walked, we tried to disturb the other group playful. Teacher juz stood there and din said anything. NICE~
But then, we enjoyed it very much because we juz played there but not seriously in kawad(sorry lar, only time training we will take it seriously okie?

P/s: Amabel, why u din come de?? even wling also came to this kawad...>.<
Having a Leo General Meeting then chat with others outside the school and played with Benny them..
Studying...i don wan also but my father forced me to go and study..bor bian lar..haiz..sienz
watching movie in youtube and found some very nice songs..hehe
Nth to do..solved my rubik's cube..tried to break my record..and create a new!
Here i am blogging....xD
One of the song i like. Enjoy it! xD

Okie, tat's all for today~

Byebye and enjoy ur day~

Memories bout tat day..xD

Sorry for tn posting it yesterday because i was busy doing my stuff..well...these are the pictures we took tat day.. xD



Proud for it if u r a Columban

Benny and wling..o.o~




O.o..where was i looking to?
Alrite, tat's all liao..after we finished this MISSION. I went to kawad and Benny them went back to home..We had some punishment during the kawad..fine lar. Wad i knew bout tat day is tired and tired...i din finished my homework tat nite and went to sleep. Don blame me lar..too tired liao..
Okie, tat's all for tat day.

Short post today

Nt going to update sometime because quite busy these few weeks..and the annual foot drill competition is coming soon tat is 12th of June. We hv no more than two weeks left and we hv to stay back until 5pm everyday T.T become darker and darker lor..sienz argh..

So, the reason i want to update today is because i wanna tell everyone i enjoyed this afternoon very much..why i also dono..-.-'' and going to upload some pictures tmrw^^ bout this afternoon de..hehe

Okay, tat's all..

Going to finish my project and also my homework..

BBSM team JIA YOU JIA YOU JIA YOU!! Cannot lose this time muz get FIRST!

Byebye and enjoy ur day ^^