Today is so fun~

Today got two test!! Maths and also, i din study maths last night and of course..i made some mistakes in paper 2, nt sure bout paper1 but i think got some mistakes also..Geography? i did study last night and the questions were a little bit easy..a little bit nia. Today our English teacher was in bad mood, wonder why? O.o..

Yay~this afternoon got badminton and i juz back from school..Benny, Jeff and others got come also..u noe wad? Jeff is kinda pro in badminton..almost beat me I used too much energy already because after i played with Jeff, i din't rest but continued played with Benny! lol..its sucks..Btw, i aslo learnt some formula bout the rubix cube from a form one student..Claudia was learning there too~so sad..Claudia din even want to give me a try and took it away, so bad Monday i muz bully her..o.o, forgot she got Amabel and Woan Ling..they are her best friends. Haiz..i cant win them de...haiz, fine lar, forget bout this..

Yaler, yaler..i played with Hui Hui also and u noe the result? 21-13, 21-14..Haha, i beat her! Lols..forgot to ask some prices from, later kena punch by his brother eh..better don wan ler..Hmm, tomorrow don hv BSMM and also Leo..yay~i can wake up late and play piano..Haha, waiting for tomorrow start from now! Btw, i am getting ready to go Parkson! i wanna try something new from Marry Brown, my father prepares much much much money for me..guess why? juz wanna me to enjoy

P/s: Forget him/her..try to start a new life without him/her..Tat's all u can do and all the problem u muz solve it urself..wad can we do are give u all the support u need..

Okay lar~Tat's all for today
Byebye and enjoy ur day