Gawai Festival..

Sleeping and dreaming bout my Nolar..dreaming bout someone..don misunderstand, it juz a dream and i cant control it..o.o

Woke up, washed my teeth and go to hv my breakfast. My mother had already prepared breakfast for me..thanks ya. Then a call from my aunt said that she made SUSHI for good, i asked my father to go there to take..

Doing nth but to wait for my sushi back..watched some movie i bought last Friday..btw, Naruto movie 5 was so cool~Naruto met Sasuke and work together to fight the evil..nice.. around 10.15am like tat, my father came home and showed me the sushi..WOAH~its nice! better than Sushi, wad name already? ? ?forgot liao but better than Sushi shop i ate in Miri. Haha

Getting ready to go my aunt's house..for wad? bai nian lor..Shock? doubt bout it, my aunt is uncle married an Iban..haha, so nice right? aunt now lived in long house in Luak bay..Haha, but i hard to communicate with them because they mainly spoke Iban's language but nt Malay nor English..T.T, when i said Chinese there, they stared at me juz like wanna told me tat.."hey, kids..don speak other's language..U should respect us.."scary...really, i don wan to come next year liao..

Arrived home, finally got out of the scary place..Phewf~, went to hv a bath and went to my room..guess i did wad? sleeping of course because too tired liao..Dreaming bout i nearly get caught by

Here i am blogging..Lala~

P/s: U love a person doesn't mean the person will forever belongs to you.. If u don hold the person's heart right now..then maybe u will lost the person forever..

OKay~tat's all for everything happened from morning until now^^
Byebye and enjoy ur day~