ST.CO day, its was fun xD

Yaya, back from school liao. It was totally fun and nice, everyone enjoyed themselves very much. Of course, me too..
Argh~i dono wad to say or post bout today de ST.CO day ler
First of all,
let's see the pictures i took this morning..

Cikgu Luqman, handsome right?

My baby insect and it dead after i took this picture..T.T


Eh...VIP also..

Jing Yi and Timothy..

Othman..see carefuly, the ice-cream dropped on the table ler..=.=

The most funny part, sushi self made self ate
Its totally nice and i scared i will go to toilet later..xD

This one ler..dono wad to say liao..
All the Art's teachers.

Busy busy..

Pikachu save the World!! lol..=.=

cool~Benny de smile very cool..

Guess..who is this person??
Well, it was very fun and i wasted many and many money in this Food and Fun mother sure scold me liao..T.T. Nvm lar hor? haha
I helped Leo and BSMM active right? lol..nolar, juz they asked me to help then i helped them lor xD. Our waiters's group nth to do de..juz went to sushi's group and help them made sushi..The sushi to say, its nice but all bor wei dao de, at least i wont go toilet after i ate it..=.= but some people made de nice bor..hehe
After sushi then i went to exhibition de, i am the PJ exhibition de..and we finished very early i guess 1.30pm already finished ler..hehe. Shuan right? then we went lepak..
Yalor, I heard many and many songs that i dedicated to them de..haha, should thank me hor? xD nolar..kidding. xD
Tat's all~