Movie + a cup of tee = RELAX xD

Seems there is no time for me to go Parkson to watch The final Destination. Gotta go to school tmrw and hv some first-aid thing this Sunday. I finally got my first-aid pass certificate this morning liao, i wait for it for nearly one year since last year -.-'' Lol

Opps, The Death Note's popularity rise again around these few days..i wonder why?? My home got full pack of Death Note. Who wanna to borrow it can talk to me muahahaha~ xD

Two days to go then is ur birthday ler. Tell me whether u surprise or nt when u saw the cake today. When the recess u were the main character, happy? surprise? hahaha, don be sad to ur exam result but to enjoy everything u have WOO WOO~~

Hmm..someone is going to turn into 14 next Monday also(only if u noe who i am talking bout) two girls are going to turn into 14 this month in my class(maybe more than that) one is 6th of September and one more is 7th of September. Oh ya, Gabriel Kho..ur birthday is 6th of September also o haha xD xD

K lar, i lazy to write more. Enjoy my movie now and someone keep using my name in MSN. (Raymond, i wanna Kill you -.-'') Later is Drawing TIME~~ Teacher asked to draw bout the past perdana menteri and gave us example. Woops, we will see later =)

Life is something to be enjoyed and lived rather than a well suffering to be endured on the way to better things!! =D

Okay, tat's all
Enjoy ur day