Today got PBSM meeting and leo meeting, need to wake up earlyler..sienz argh. But today's PBSM meeting was quite fun too, we had a footdrill training and when the girls heard "KAWAD"..they all start complain here and there for example..wad AJK lie to them lar, footdrill is hot lar and later they become black lar..lol, so many complain. But, during the footdrill training..i din even heard them complain but saw they were enjoying it, wad i saw on their face were happy, fun. Lol..our commander so kelian cz they keep jio him. WEI, u guys haven see him angry lar..when he becomes serious, we cant do even one step wrong, if not..we kena punish. Sometimes i reli don get it why girls so hate kawad..kawad is fun u noe? Anyways, congraz to Cindy Wong of become the new leo president..HAHA. Okay, congraz to me too cz after ALMOST one hour of playing there, finally i reached lvl 4 in sdo..i noe i noob but hey, i was enjoying very much too.

Afternoon don hv anything special, i was juz studying and taking a nap..quite boring and i cant on my computer argh..whatever lar..wanna play piano now but my cousin is using it. Nevermind, i can wait. Otherwise, i plan on writting something else special for my blog..can anyone give me some idea? lols..

~The Color of Love~

For some folks the color of love is
Red ... fiery and hot,
For others the color is
Blue ... placid and calm,
For some it's
Yellow... caring but cautious,
For others it's
Orange ... rich and fruitful,
For some the color is
Lavender... gentle and kind,
For others it's
Purple... sacrificing and giving,
For some it's
Green ... with its go, go, go,
For others the color is
White ... pure and undefiled.
But for me the color is
Rainbow ... Red and Blue,
Yellow and Orange,
Lavender and Purple,
Green and White.
The Rainbow painted by God
is a symbol of forever-love,
And as long as there is sunshine and rain
there will always be Rainbows,
And as long as there are Rainbows
there will always be
forever-love for you
my friend~

Okay, tat's all for today
Byebye and enjoy ur day~