My day..


~My seniors~

~ My good friends~



Lai~guess who is he?

VIP coming..

Nah~Angeline de good friend, Cindy~
O.o..juz knew her from BSMM camp..xD

Othman was busy busy..

Mr Kong was in good mood that day


Lau and Lai ..

Yaya..i "renew" my blog template and also music..hehe.Once again..welcome to my Blog!! Haha, lai bout the humanity dancing show on Sunday..i took lotsa pictures there but i only put some here lar..Well, its really really fun there..I am sorry for some unclearer images..O.o

Mr Kong also in good mood tat day..nice because everyone enjoyed there...there was about 50 groups joined this dancing show..hehe. Yaler, Angeline also o xD..I was in charge in lucky draw section which was the most E-ng one de..can walked around here and there de tat's why i enjoyed there. xD..
Yaler, let me report the time i went back..i went back at around 7.30pm something..its really really late and i haven finished my homework yet..haha
As u noe..i went to camp during my holidays. The first day sure nt fun one because we dono each other yet but soon we all became friends liao..everybody worked hard together juz wanna the best for everyone..its very good. Alright, we had ice-breaking, team formation and setting-up the tents..U noe wad? many boys slept together and u can even hear some "Poop Poop" sound..dono wad i mean? guess urself..hehe. Thank you Wilson, because ur shuffled..our team got the second highest in team formation which was 95marks..COOL~
Yaler, forgot to tell u...our team is "Winnie The Pooh". But the AJK sometimes to say leh?...very Lol-siao lar. =.='' Then finished day 1 in BSMM camp lor..
I will going to post bout the day 2 and day 3 in BSMM camp i post bout today one..xD
Wanna noe my marks? never~i got very low this time...really really low..i wanna cry bout this liao..T.T. If i tell my mum bout this..she sure will suspect me got gf liao cz last time dono why she knew i like someone..T.T I DON HV GF LAR!! don simply say okie?
Well, school cleaning was totally fun..actually we were playing water there but nt cleaning..Haha, teachers also got played a bit o..only a few form 2 students joined this cleaning more than 10 but the others more than us even form 1 also..=.=
Btw, form 5 students really funny lar..they got a lot of things to joke bout..i hope i can become a form 5 student now..although i hv to face SPM but i can still play first..when the time's out then we hv to separate liao..sad..T.T..Back to cleaning story..after we had cleared the fence then we went to rest, Jane, Jeremy, Jong and Alison and Lanc busy counted our marks there..Lol..Then i went back home at 4.35pm...its really lame i noe..But i juz post for shuan nia lor..
Okie...kinda long de post. xD sorry~
Okie~tat's all for today~
Byebye and enjoy ur day~