Hari Pelanggan

Lol..i went to school early in the morning wif my father..
When i reached there, there were two of my friends Brenda, Annie, Cherry and also Benjamin which was talking to teacher wif his mother...
I got the No.7..had to wait long long..my father told me he went to park his car and walking around the school compound..when he came back, ZUN ZUN our class teacher Mr.Luqman called me..Haha xD

Well, the conversation is bout the dimerit marks i got(din finished English Project) >.<..luckily i got some merits marks and enuf to cover tat 5 marks..but my father kept asking teacher bout my attitude at school..Lol..

I was very lucky because teacher din said any bad bout me..and my father said he was satisfied..but i noe he DIN..fine, whatever lar...i saw some of my friends too and chat with them..

Hari pelanggan or Customer's day is nt tat bad than i thought..maybe i juz lucky because my father din scolded me inside his car..btw, he was really mad sometime bout the dimerit marks i got...-.-'''

BUT i hope next time i will never get any dimerit marks again....if nt, i sure kena scolded by my father de. U noe de lar..every parents wanna their son become perfect but the fact is...there is no perfect anywhere...<<<>>>

Alrite, tat's all bout the hari pelanggan..
Goodbye and enjoy ur day~