Dono wad to say...=.=

Argh...i am so lazy to post anything today..
Its tiring and tmrw is ST.CO day..i hv to become a waiter...=.=
First time i become a waiter eh and i heard tat BSMM got sell fish tmrw..Yay!~gonna buy some fish tmrw..Btw, I got help BSMM make sandwiches also..they want 2 trays..WTH?! I quickly went to make a call to my mother this morning after they asked me this..=.=

Well, "shockingly" mother juz one word.."OKIE" then byebye..Walao, i gotta praise my mother tonite ler..she juz too kind liao bar..No wonder larh, same as me right? =D

Alright, i guess tat's all for today ler..Tmrw will be a long long long post..i gotta take a lot of pictures at school and Saturday is BSMM first-aid competition, Chung Hwa, ST.CO and also others school de..PLs PLs, wish our first-aid team GOOD LUCK!!

Enjoy ur day~