Tell me what should i do to clear out my boringness >-<

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Remember i said i wanna tidy up my room four days ago? Well, due to some reasons(lazy, busy, and gaming) so i POSTPONED it til last night.

Its was quite messy and it took my half and hour to take all my things out. After that, it took me one hour to rearrange and tidy it. +.+ Haiz, who ask i so lazy before and i was trying to ask for my mother's help. Luckily she kind enough and came to help me, thanks mum and without her i think i have already spent 2 hours++ to my one small room only ler T_T

Big head...

Almost fainted when i saw all of these..

Wakaozz..i tot thief hv came to my room ler -.-''
Yeah, while listening to music i finally done my JOB in my room and my mother went to get a cold drink for me^^ at least this can cleared out some of my boring time and i realized that i should always be hardworking ONLY to my room so that my room wont be so dirty and messy. Or else my friends would say me when they come to my room ler T__T(aiyer..sieh lung so dirty one)

Thanks for mum's help it became so tidy liao^^

Woah~~~i can sleep very well ler.

So fun after i saw my room so clean and tidy xD
Now is 2.45pm thursday. Hv to go to school next week which is a YES YES for me because dono why i become like to go to school. Haha=)
Okay, tat's all
Goodbye and God bless
Hv a nice day


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