My birthday~

Yay~finally the day i waited for one year..juz a little bit sad because is in the exam week. Nvm lar, no matter wad..i am going to enjoy this day. Haha, since the early morning, a lot friends greeted to me^^Amabel, Jane, Janice, Woan Ling, Benny, Preston, Mark and others..thank you all^^really thank you..xD

Haha, well..i am still waiting for my birthday cake because my mother haven come back yet. I am going to celebrate my birthday tonite at home or Parkson? Depends my father lor..yaler, daddy argh..don forget my birthday gift ya..tat two things. I had received a lot of angpao ler..they all said they don noe wad to buy so they gave me money and asked to me to buy anything i wan..xD

I am going to Parkson tonite to search for Naruto movie 5 and also Bleach..haha, i hope i can watch them juz tonite..of course, i had studied for whole afternoon and morning..its time to relax ler lar..yay~!

P/s: Special thanks to those who greeted me, gave me angpao and also gave me presents. Thanks ya^^

Okay~tat's all for today and if got free time, i will post bout the celebration tonite^^
Byebye~and enjoy ur day~