Its so damn tired today..dono why, i juz felt sleepy after i came school. When i put down my bag, Kye Fung came to sit in front me and study his Geo but i was sleeping..Lol! fine lar..i lazy study again so i juz go through it. Of course..today geo test sucks..i mean, i really don noe how to do answer some question because i forgot it! whatever lar..today don hv assembly so it was enough time for teacher to give us test..sigh

Well, nth happened during our BM period but the KH period was damn fun. I juz realized tat my name got many pronounces o..Wong Sieh Lung(Lung=English pronounce) Gabriel changed to GayBoy? lol..=.=..they even put my name into Chinese songs or others..Although they played my name but it was very funny..So i laughed with them also xD..sigh...

Science teacher asked us to do some exercise in text book and English period we went library! yay~teacher asked us to choose any book we like and read it..for? for tomorrow's oral..haiz, oral again..so i need to prepare it tonight, otherwise..my Chinese calligraphy haven finish yet..my moral project my science project..all haven finish!! lol..teacher asked us to pass up before exam and the exam is coming soon ler..tat means tat i got a lot of things to do these few days so maybe some day i wont update my blog..Sorry ya~

Ok, tat's all for today~
Byebye and enjoy ur day~