Yahoo, i waited today for whole week ler..finally!..hmm, going to describe my feeling. I feel so excited because not only exam is "BYEBYE" and also the holiday....start from now! Haha, this time i pretty sucks in every subject and i sure cant get top ten liao..a little bit sad of course and my parents will scold me de...haiz, dono lar..I hv faith in God and i hope i can get top ten no matter wad..T.T

Btw, i still got a little problem now...tat is, how should i spend my holiday o?Yaya, I got BSMM camp on 10th of June..hv to go to school on 3rd of jun..about BSMM also..Lol. I will going to Parkson tonite to buy a rubik's cube and also try to buy some movies maybe Bleach, Ghost movies or others lar..depends..haha. Hmm, maybe i will go out wif my friends too..

Well, going to hv a bath now so...BYEBYE~
P/s: Happy holidayssss everyone...and God bless..

Okay, tat's all for today~
Byebye and enjoy ur day~