Well, my mum woke me up this morning around 6.45am like that. Told me that i was late to Meeting. And i juz answered :" ya..ya..O.."
Then i continued to sleep...until 7.00am! My alarm was calling me. The Sound" Beep Beep Beep Beep" told me that i was reli reli reli late.. I woke up, nth to worry because i totally forgot bout the meeting. My mum then came in and told me that i got a meeting at 7.30am. WTH? I rushed to toilet, brushed my teeth then changed my clothes into BSMM shirt. Then my father sent me to BSMM HQ. Luckily i din late to the meeting. Blamed me that i played too much last night.

The meeting was alright, juz some of the new announcement and so on. And there is still a visit to old folks home. *Sigh* i cant go...and yet, still need to write a letter. =.=...

I went to eat with my parents after the meeting. Then i went back home to finalize my things. Right, i already finish packing everything. And i am here blogging. xD

Well, i am ready to go to airport now. And so...Goodbye to my Blog and everyone.
C you again!

P/s: Happy Birthday to Amily Jong!! =)

God Bless
And Good Luck