-A little not too over you-

Juz realize that being sick isn't a fun thing. Yesterday sore throat and fever attacked me. So xin ku...my body felt nth but tired and sleepy. Tat's why u din see me online at nite because i went to sleep lerh. Anyway, i so scared that had to cancel the trip to Sabah but lucky today i feel better already and even the sickness has gone! Thank God, then tmrw i can go to Sabah without worry anything xD

Today i got a meeting bout next year orientation. Hmm, we discussed bout almost everything such as orientation t-shirt, games, rules, groups and so on..Omg, Tmrw form 1 students got 400++ waseh.....so many lerh. Hehe, now i am packing my things to get myself ready to go to Sabah. Juz a short post of course because i don reli know what to write lerh.


So so, tat's all for this post
Hv a nice day
God Bless xD