~Labour day~

Hooh~finally, i finished my revision on some subject. sejarah, geografi, mathematices. All of these subject are quite boring lar, but my mother asked me to study them juz wanna me get top ten in the coming exam..haiz, i wanna some free lar..thanks god my parents din ask me to go any tuition. If not, i sure i will be crazy ler. Fine, don wan talk bout this..now is 6.30..still got 30 minutes i need to go shopping ler, Yeah~This morning was quite interesting too..i woke up at 8am and went to breakfast at 2020..2020 there was so busy until there was only left one place for us..we quickly take tat place before others get it..haha, then we ordered laksa(my favourite food)..after 15 minutes enjoyed at there..we went home because i wanna play computer liao..haha, no body online..so i spent my time in SDO!..nearly reach lvl3 and afternoon..u noe de lar, i was studying for few subjects...i nearly wanna give up cz my brain cant inside all the things..fine fine, i juz go through it today..tomorrow i baru study again, hope i can inside all the things tomorrow..lols. NOW, i am getting ready to go outside for dinner and shopping ler..yay~Byebye

The Gift of Life

I love the gift of life, Dear God,
with all it's beauty everywhere...
blue skies, white fluffy clouds,
green trees, rocky mountains,
open meadows,
the restless timeless sea,
the black bird on my window sill,
but most of all I love dear friends,
and if you will, please give to me
a greater love for you—
my dearest friend of all.

Tat's all for today
Byebye and enjoy ur day~